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Thanks, I juuuust did the ctrl+f and found that. Lol dummy me should’ve done that first. Regardless thanks so much for the quick reply!!! <3

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I got this instead.

Write it like this:


You forgot the ‘:’ behind ‘pan’

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Sorry, yes what @sahra.episode said :sweat_smile:

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Thank you :heart::heart:

Hello All.
I’m trying to use the blue and red overlay cop lights, but want to make it look like they’re flashing in the dark.

(Since I don’t know how to put an ambulance in the background with said character on ground and two other characters leaning over her.)

Any help with either of this scenarios would be great.


PM me and I will help you :relaxed:

How many choice buttons fit on one “page”? Like if I have 20 choices, there’s obviously going to have to be “Next” buttons to switch pages but how many can fit on one page?

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10, 5 side by side

Right, so I’m still writing an outline for my story so that I have a plan to stick to. So I want to write a mini game at the end. So the MC will find a secret room, but it locks behind them, and they have to find a way to get out before the oxygen runs out. What kind of mini games could I make? Any ideas?

maybe read some stuff about escape rooms so you can get the ideas?

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I didn’t see this reply. Sorry! But, how would I do that? Could you give an example? Any help is greatly appreciated because I am 100% new to writing on this platform.

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It is fine! And I hope your new story is going well. If your problem is fixed then you don’t need to worry about gains yet :blush:

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There’s only 4 pieces of evidence… I’ve clicked no after it on my read through and it goes back to search… but theres nothing left to tap to make it continue. Would gains keep that from happening?


How can I make a background fade in and out like fainting?
Ugh, I don’t know how to make it sound not stupid :smiley: My character fainted and I want to make those fade in and outs like she is loosing consciousness but I don’t know what would the ideal coding be for it.

Maybe someone could help me?

One of the MC’s Love interests are Bisexual and in honor of pride month I wanted him to wear something the reflected the Bisexual flag/it’s colors (pink, lavender, and blue). The problem is I can’t really find outfits the both look nice, are not culturally appropriate and reflect those 3 colors.

Do you mean transitioning?

If that’s the case the coding is:
@transition fade in COLOR SECONDS
@transition fade out COLOR SECONDS

This will make it look like blinking. There are a limited amount of colors, and I’d pick black.

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Probably :thinking: well you know when fainting and the screen starts “blinking” with black background.

I don’t know if you understand, I’m bad at explaining :smiley: