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And also how do you get a blank background. Just like a black one.

Put a character off screen, the speechbubble will pop up regardless.

Ok thank you

Background: INT. BLACK - DAY

Hi everyone. Do u know how to add effects?
And how to stop them?

To start an effect, you have the background with ‘with effect …’ like this:
As for stopping an effect, I’m not sure.

Thanks @Loulou123

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Does anyone know the recommended length of an episode? I know each episode has to have 400 lines of code but I don’t know if there is a recommended length that pleases the readers.

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In my story I want my character to run and for the camera to follow her feet. I’m using this scene
EXT. FOREST LOOPING - NIGHT so how would I do that ? BTW my character is called BREE2

I personally write 1200 for shorter episodes and 2000 lines for longer ones :slight_smile:
It is up to you though it is whatever fits that chapter

Have a look here:

I know it’s zoom from the feet to the head but it’s actually explaining how to focus zoom on something you want, if you still having problems please let me know xxx

We need more answers here :slight_smile:

Thank you xx

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That helped a lot with the zooms so thank you. Do you now know how I’d use that in a ‘loop’ scene when she is running? So like as she is running through the forest the zoom would follow her? xx

It’s a looping background once you focus zoom on her feet she’ll be moving, but make sure she stands in one screen position and running

Ah, thank you ! :slight_smile:

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Still if you need more help, let me know x

Thank you again x

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Is there any way to zoom on a spot that is in between two zones?

Yes it’s very possible. Just zoom in and focus where you need it.