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Add a arms crossed animation again and it should be fine :grin:

I meant in the new Chinese Restaurant scene

Just did! It’s very helpfull :grin:

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Hey! Can I get help with this? It says I have a warning but I’m not sure where I went wrong

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I don’t know if this will help but maybe add a 0 before .977 or something like that

Really? Welp, okay. Kinda wish episode could implement that.

Need to know how to code choices that matter.
I want the readers choices to matter in the story & have the story be able to go different ways. How do I do this?

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Gains and the point system work for that

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Can I have more than two characters exit a scene at once? If so how?

@CHARACTER1 exits right and @CHARACTER2 exits right

&CHARACTER1 exits right
@CHARACTER2 exits right

But can I do it with 3 characters?

yes, i believe you can use “and” to keep going to infinity, or at least 3 or more times

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hey does anyone know how to make a character do a summersault like in the fight scenes of assassins of blackwood?

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How can you add the a clothes item on the character?

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You have to create different outfits

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No, I mean for example how to remove just the top of the outfit (when the character undress) or how to add a bracelet to the character (when the character wears the bracelet).

Thank you for your help.

You will have to make the outfits twice,. with and without the things you want. If you want your character to wear a top, you make one with a top. If you want them to take it off, you make an outfit with the exact same pants etc. but without the top. Episode does not provide a code for just taking off one piece of clothing.

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How does the choice [ShouldPaginate:yes] thing work? I’m kind of confused on how to do this.