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oh I see, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi! How do I plave narration speech bubble a little bit lower on the screen? Because now it is overlapping on my characters face and it just doesn’t look very good.

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In the directing helper settings they have speech bubble placement. Hit that button and you can move it around the screen

You can also read this thread on how to direct your speechbubbles

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Oh my gosh, my dumb ass… :smiley: Thank you!

That’s really helpful! Thank you so much! :heart_eyes:

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Me again! How do you make a camera go from right to left in a specific zoomed scene?
Like when you know they show a character from down and it goes all the way up to their faces? I wanna do the same thing just from right to left

@zoom on X Y to % in S

X-zoom going from left to right or right to left

Y-zoom going up to down or down to up

% - percentage of the zoom

S- time, in seconds

Example using code:

@zoom on 160 400 to 200% in 0

You’d only change the first value (X) which in this case is 160

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I am making a story and I really want it to look like my character is backing up their stuff and putting in in a trunk, and then they hurt themselves (like any type of hurt) but i don’t see any animations for then putting stuff in the car, or any luggage/baggage props. So I really don’t know how to make the scene. I’m using Limelight

You need to use readerMessage for example:
readerMessage Thank you Apes for making this…

then it will apear

You will need to use overlays for luggage, lots are available on overlay threads on the forums. Just use the search :blush: for the animations, search for tinker - a lot of authors use these for this type of scene. You could also use a reach/pick up animation too … good luck!

Thank you, does the reach/pick up animation work for limelight?

Yes, just search for reach and pick_up in the portal - under art catalog > animations or in your script, on the right side there is an animations tab. (I’m not familiar with LL so I don’t know the exact ones)

How do you change your forum username?

Tutorial: How To Change Your Forums Username! **TUTORIAL**

New Link For It: https://episodesupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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Thank you again!

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How do I bring my character forward in layers? Like so everyone else is layered behind them.

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@CHAR moves to layer #

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Hi! How can I make some words in a dialogue appear bold or in some color?

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You would put:
|bold, italic (whatever else you want in here, color, animation, etc.)| [text] |reset| (<if you want)
I will |bold, italic, animation: shake, color:red| NOT |reset| being going with |bold, italic, color: royal blue| HIM |reset| tomorrow!

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