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what’s the respectable minimum of lines for a story?

You need to have 400 lines of dialogue to publish, but I think it’s way too short.
I think if you just starting 1000 lines it’s ok.

My episodes are 1200 - 1700 lines.

Thank you :grin: I’ve done 400 :frowning_face:

How do you make a flash on screen but still having all the characters and that screen stay the same.
And how do you change the colour of the flash ? x

You use transitions. The characters will stay on the screen.

I actually made a post about this not too long ago.

Let me know if it’s helpful

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Yes, it was helpful thank you !


How do you put a character off screen?

Also, is there a way you can zoom in on an overlay?

You have to use spot directing, or easiest way place him in different zone than scene is

You can zoom on everything :slight_smile: You can learn more about it here:

I explained there how to focus on one thing :slight_smile:

I try to use my own backgrounds in my story, but the same errors keep showing up, even though my backgrounds are approved:

The background EXT. FANTASY STREET - DAY does not exist. Did you misspell or delete it? Try reloading to update your catalog.

@MAIN strands at screen right in zone 2 AND MAIN is idle_rear” is not a valid directing command.

invalid spot “at screen center”

What am I doing wrong?

This is my script:

label resume_story

sound music_zen_lp
@MAIN strands at screen right in zone 2 AND MAIN is idle_rear
@transition fade in black
@MAIN exits right
@transition fade out black

@MAIN stands at screen center AND MAIN is idle_rear
@transition fade in black

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@MAIN stands screen center AND MAIN is idle_rear

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Thanks!!! :smiley:

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How would I type that in the script?

What would be the proportions to get the speech bubble in the middle?

@speechbubble is 147 248 to 100%
Try this.

Is there a rain sound with no thunder, that sounds like running water?

@RudeInception, @Purple_Ghost, @Dara.Amarie :thinking:


No there isn’t unfortunately :frowning_face:
You should totally suggest it (if it hasn’t already been suggested) in the Feature + Art Suggestions section of the forums.