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Is there a way you can have two characters run off at the same time. Also I need a car overlay.


@CHAR1 walks to screen ______ in zone ___ AND CHAR1 does while run_jog AND CHAR2 walks to screen _______ in zone ___ AND CHAR2 does it while run_jog

You can use whatever run behavior you want

As for the overlay, I have an overlay shop open. The link is on my bio if you want to check it out.


How do you get a character to stop the talking action after their dialogue is done?


@CHARACTER starts idle
&CHARACTER is idle


It’s not working. I’m trying to make them exit the scene together. But I don’t want them to go to another zone in that background. I want them to exit, switch the background and then have them walk in on the new background.


Try this:
@CHAR1 exits right/left AND CHAR2 exits right/left

And the change the background

Then write
@CHAR1 enters from left/right to screen position AND CHAR2 enters from left/right to screen position

Hopefully this works


I want them to run off though.


Write this

@CHAR1 exits right/left AND CHAR1 is run_athletic AND CHAR2 exits right/left AND CHAR is run_athletic


That didn’t work either. It says use something like @CHARACTER


Can I see your script?


Which part didn’t work? You have to change animations because you’re using Limelight



The action doesn’t work.


delete @ from YOU
@BOY exits right AND YOU exits right


Take out the @ symbol from you.


how do I make my character run to a specific spot in spot directing?


@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y AND CHARACTER does it while run_animation

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How to I make my background a specific zone?


I understand that it is spot directing but how do I get them to the zome first