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I did! I was actually able to contact Rude and she’s been helping me, thank you so much for reaching out though😊

Hi! How do I make characters walk and remain in the size that I mmade them?

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You need to use walks to spot command and just keep the size the same

Just to clarify, they will only have to re-read the last chapter that they finished? Even if it wasn’t updated?
Reminder: they finished chapter 3, and I update chapter 1 only. They need to re-read chapter 3?

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Then, no :slight_smile: they won’t have to re-read 3 :slight_smile:

Thank you! :heart:

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Ok, basically, people don’t have to re-read any chapters if they’ve already read them. They just continue from where they left off?

Yes. If you updated chapter 1 the person who was on chapter 1 only will have to re-read it again.

Sorry for the late reply! Here:
@pause for 5
@transition fade out white 0.2
@transition fade out white 0.2
@transition fade out white 0.2
@transition fade out white 0.2
@transition fade out white 2
@speechbubble reset
@zoom reset

@QUINN is talk_film_phone_happy AND QUINN faces left AND SOPHIE is rear AND SOPHIE faces right
@transition fade in 1
@pause for 20

Try to place them first (stands screen position or spot)

It worked, thanks!

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How do I make my male character wear that tattoo sleeve in INK?

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You have to add it with his clothes in the outfits section

Awhh maann, but I choose the same outfit for a few characters, so I have to just make duplicates then?

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Also, what the hell is this?65606835_2174052152692853_6395047720666529792_n%20(1)

It doesn’t even let me choose the outfit that I created for a character (female)

Yeah, you’d have to make duplicates.

Can you show your script

I dunno where I went wrong, because it doesn’t show the yellow thingy near the script

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Can you post where you change the outfit

I fixed that error though, it was a simple typo

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I have no idea what is wrong with my script, I don’t know If I’m just retarded XD.
Here is some of the script.

"If it will make me more famous, then yes!"{
readerMessage You gained 1 fame point from this!
@add Sandwich Tomato Lettuce Ham to QUINN
&QUINN starts eat_food_hand_sad
        QUINN (eat_food_hand_worried)
     Mmmm, so good
     I love it
        QUINN (eat_food_hand_angry)
     Why does all the bad stuff taste like this?
     I do not want to be eating lettuce and spinach right now, but I am
     At the |bold| very least |reset| I can get ready for today witha healthy start!
&QUINN exits left

It seem right to me, but for some reason I have been getting this strange error
Unexpected SHOW_TOAST: You gained 1 fame point from this!
(This is not the whole script since there is a choice before this one, but the problem is with the reader message, the other one does not have a reader message)

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