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nope i just meant a piece of clothing. thank you!

let me see if it works

It worked! Thank you !!

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Okay so I’m directing and it says I have a script error. I want two of my characters to stay in zone 3 while my main character is in zone 2. How do I fix that error?

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Can you show your script?

the error or script in general?

@cut to zone 2
@zoom on 473 279 to 457% in 0
@overlay AMBULANCE create AND overlay AMBULANCE opacity 1 AND overlay AMBULANCE moves to layer 5
@overlay STRETCHER moves to layer 1 AND MORGAN moves to layer 3 AND NURSE3 moves to layer 6 AND CHARLES moves to layer 4 AND NURSE4 moves to layer 0 AND NURSE5 moves to layer 2
@overlay AMBULANCE shifts to 57 -6 in zone 3
@overlay AMBULANCE scales to 0.902 0.902 in zone 3
@overlay STRETCHER shifts to -81 151 in zone 3
@overlay STRETCHER scales to 1.000 1.000 in zone 3
@NURSE3 spot 0.530 235 240 in zone 3 AND CHARLES spot 0.558 126 239 in zone 3 AND CHARLES faces right AND CHARLES is write_notepad AND NURSE3 is tinker_loop_rear AND NURSE3 faces left @MORGAN spot 0.150 150 459 AND MORGAN faces right AND MORGAN is deepbreath AND NURSE5 spot 0.318 276 368 AND NURSE4 spot 0.336 387 377

I couldn’t get a picture. Is this good enough?

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I’m gonna say Morgan is the main character:
AND MORGAN spot 0.150 150 459 in zone 2

Nevermind I realised what I did.

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How do you make it so that a character is speaking, but it’s just a box, not a speech bubble? (like over the phone and you cant see the other person)

If you are still having that error. Maybe try this.

Put @overlay STRETCHER on it’s one line.
So do this:
@overlay STRETCHER to layer 3
&MORGAN moves to layer 3 AND NURSE3 moves to layer 6 AND CHARLES moves to layer 4 AND NURSE4 moves to layer 0 AND NURSE5 moves to layer 2

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Then add some text under narration.

#add text here

But that doesn’t have the character’s name on it?

If you want the character name. You put this.

Add text here.

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Thank you!!!

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Can someone help me find the creator of these backgrounds?

the second one is @alexa_episode , I’m not sure about the rest, maybe make a post in Art Resources section?

Thanks, and I will.

I’m sure this is a really stupid question but how do I get 2 characters to hug? My first character is in center facing the camera and is fine, but my second character is on the right facing away, but facing right instead of left! I even specify that he faces left and it still doesn’t work :frowning:

rear animations :joy: there’s no logic here but you need to put faces right if you want your character faces left :smiley:

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Omg such an easy fix but didn’t even think to try that! Thank you so much!!

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