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how do you get the narrator talking and zooming at the same time?

&zoom on X Y to % in T
This is how you zoom and talk at the same time.

thank you that is really helpful

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Thanks for clarifying, I didn’t see that you put THEN. I’ll try it.

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Can someone help please?
Error: @CHARACTER walks to x y z in #

@ELLE walks to spot 0.560 98 307 in zone 3 at layer 9 AND ELLE faces right AND SOFIE walks to spot 0.785 54 277 in zone 3 at layer 7 AND SOFIE faces right AND VANESSA moves to layer 6 AND BRIAR moves to layer 3


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You can’t add in a layer command when you’re walking a character.

If you want a character to be in a certain layer before walking you have to add that to their spot command. If you want a character to move to a different layer when they’re walking, you have to use the @CHAR moves to layer ___ command.

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Thank you!

Its say an error but im not really sure how to fix it:

you need to add spot after CALEB (before the numbers)

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I did that but now it says this:

backspace, this need to be on one line :slight_smile:

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somone help please with this

can you make the tables an overlay for this background

Now this popped up:

it needs a space between narrator and mia

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I have another question that I hope someone can help me with :blush:

My story is based a lot around music and I was wondering if we are allowed to put lyrics from actual songs in stories or if that is against Episode’s rules. Does anyone know? I’m gonna make up a lot of my own, but at some point I was thinking about having the characters “sing” covers. Is this allowed?

I hope you have a great day!

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you’ll have a better chance in Art Resources section or on some art threads :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! :blush:

I could really use some help.
I’m trying to use a layer in a house.
But how do i get my characters on the couch?