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Can you send a picture of your script?

Honestly cannot find where the error is here :exploding_head: have you tried deleting the line and re-typing it?

How do you change the zone you start in?

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@pan to zone #
@cut to zone #

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Lately, the clothing catalog has been unresponsive and sometimes laggy. I wanted to know if it was just me or if other people are having the same problem. If it’s just me how do I solve it? I’ve tried refreshing and exiting chrome. Nothing seems to work.

Thank you! This helped so much

Thank you!

Does anyone have an overlay for a punch bag (red one for the gym)?

@amepisode has one

Backgrounds >> Entertainment and leisure >> Gym


Thank you! I can open the google document but not the link to google drive, is there any other way to access this or for someone to send it to me directly?

If you have Instagram, she has the same name on there, or send her a DM :blush:

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hmmm lemme try

i need help getting two characters to do two differents actions

Do you want them to do it at the same time?

If yes, then here are 2 ways:


@CHAR1 is animation AND CHAR2 is animation



&CHAR1 is animation
@CHAR2 is animation

*replace animation with one that exists and replace CHAR1 and CHAR2 with your characters’ names.

How do I put in a ticket? talk_hold_cupcake isn’t working for me.

LL or Ink?

Also, heres a link for sending a ticket:

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Is the character not doing the action or is there an error about that action? If the character isn’t doing the action (without errors), send me a copy of your script. In the meantime, try refreshing your previewer since it might just be a glitch.

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Yeah, It’s not doing the action. The character stays neutral.

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