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Thank you so much

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Hey I recently made my new cover art for my story, and I’m having trouble with uploading, like it says it’s been approved but when I try to upload it to my story covers it resets the whole process of uploading. Any ideas on what this might be?

Heres my cover:

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Have you tried refeshing the page

Yeah, even tried play testing but it still doesnt show up :confused:

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Have you exited out of the page and then started again?

let me try that then Ill get back to you

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ok, I tried that, but it still doesnt want to upload :confused:

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Is it the right size?

i think so let me check

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@CHARACTER spot x y z

x - the height of the character
y - char stands left or right. char moves left or right. horizontal axis. think of a graph
z - char placed up or down. Char moves up or down on screen. Vertical axis

Other ways you’ll see x y z (or X Y Z) written:

% X Y
Scale X Y
(might be lowercase as well)

Anyways, all these symbols must be replaced with numbers.

So in this example:

x - 0.820
y - 454
z - 339

Yes this did make sense Thank you!

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Idk if I’m misunderstanding the issue, but the default cover will show in the writer’s portal if you haven’t published since the cover was approved (ie. if your story is just new, you won’t see the cover in the writer’s portal until you publish it for the first time).

Like, the image won’t pop up here until you publish:

However, I’m pretty sure you should see it “cued up” on this page iirc. :thinking:


that might be the case idk

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@Scarlet_Sapphire you’re on fire :fire: :clapping: :100:

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What’s the animation where the character stands still with widened eyes and a weird pained expression? I’ve seen it used to animate embarrassment or awkwardness (though personally I think it looks like they’re trying to hold in a fart.).

I believe it’s the finger snap animation.

Lmaoooo :joy::joy::joy:

It’s not flirt_fingersnap, unless there’s another I’m not aware of?
It’s an Ink animation (I’ve not seen an equivalent on Limelight that I’ve noticed), and it was used several times in EvilEbonni’s Adrenaline. I wish there was a better way to describe it!

Thanks for replying so fast!

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No problem. Try the shush animation. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ahh, it might be the shush. It’s the weird expression left over when the animation’s gone still. Thank you! :blue_heart:

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