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These are the barstools that go with my sixes and nines bar.

Where did you get this script template from?

a google drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PA3LeDc2aTXr0Z39zsehNqRdIhLmAX20

That’s my drive where the bar is saved, where did you get the script template?

it was requested to me when I asked where the backgrounds were

This is more so of a coding question, i’ll try to be as brief but descriptive as possible.
So, I’m trying to figure out how to make a character enter the scene from the bottom left corner of the screen with their back facing the reader (walk_neutral_rear) to a certain spot in the middle of the screen.
For an example, you have a group of people in screen center having a conversation and another character is walking in at an angle whilst facing rear to join the others in screen center

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you need to place character offscreen first (bottom left corner) then just walk to the spot where you want character to end up, don’t forget about the layers

Did I tell you you’re awesome?
Thank you! :kissing_heart:

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So who made the script template? That’s all I’m asking.


Then ask her where that overlay is from x

I can’t find her

She’s on Instagram. Message her there.

I don’t have an istagram

I’ve messaged her on Instagram for you asking if she’s on the forums, can she contact you to let you know where the overlay is from since you say it’s not one of the overlays I made for the background.

She’s not on the forums. If you send me a message with your email, I can pass it on to her if you like.

Hey. What needs to be done to save the choice in the points system for the next episode?

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wdym? can you elaborate?

This should help :nerd_face:

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In my story I chose point system. I don’t really understand how to make the points sum up from episode to episode. Is it automatic? The computer in each episode character starts with 0 points… Therefore, I don’t understand how to make each choice matter depending on the number of points

trying to make a poll but it says

Poll with multiple choices has invalid parameters.