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My character is in the cabin room and I’m trying to make her sleep in the bed where her head is at the top and her feet are at the bottom do anyone have the spot directing for that because everyone that I’ve tried makes her sleep sideways.

Unforntelny you can’t place your character in a vertical position while laying animation. You can use a background with a top view of a bed and place them there.

how do you follow the camera to another zone while someone is running

@follow CHARACTER to screen left in zone 3 AND CHARACTER does it while run_athletic

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How would I use labels/ gains to remember a past choice (clothing) in a new scene?

How can I do that if you don’t mind me asking

Here’s the example game:

Place your character just as normal
@CHARACTER stands screen left AND CHARACTER2 stands screen right
(for a better effect use spot directing to make them larger)

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You can learn more about it here:

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Ok, I’ll check it out :grinning:

what is that no emotion that a lot of people use in their stories these days. where the person swipes their arm accross

talk_pound_chest ? If you asking about INK :slight_smile:


I just found it…thank you so much though…

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Um in my script I have…

“Daniel” {

    MIA (talk_suggest)

@LEILA is think

@pause for 3

    LEILA (talk_greet)
Um Mia...?

    MIA (talk_exhausted)
Yeah I know I'm just too lazy to walk over there to him...

@MIA faces right

    MIA (talk_call_out)
Daniel!! Over here!!

@MIA walks to screen center

@DANIEL enters from right to screen right

    DANIEL (talk_neutral)
Um... Hi?

    MIA (talk_gesture)
So Daniel... My name is Mia, And welcome to my kingdom! I'm fine to welcome another peasants as long as you don't try anything dumb mkay?

@DANIEL is idle

    MIA (talk_arms_crossed)

    DANIEL (talk_gesture)
Oooookaaaay... thanks for the info...

    DANIEL (talk_airquotes)
Queen Mia...

@MIA is flirt_shy

@DANIEL is flirt_shy

@DANIEL exits right

Gain PICKED_ "Daniel" }

And the error says…

"Picked_ “Daniel”} instead. Did you forget to capitalize the name or close the ( ) around the animation?

how do i show someone lying in a pool of blood in a street