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Can check out: HOW TO: Make the Camera Shake

#first, you’d use the & symbol and write the falling down animation that exists, ex. &CHAR is fall_out_of_bed_animation
#second, the camera shake takes place here using all @

So all of this will then happen at the same time

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Guys I need help please.
So basically I wrote some coding, I clicked save and preview and there were no errors. So I’m watching the preview and then it just stops. I still have some coding left but the preview just stops like halfway through it and the characters just go all glitchy.
Please help!

Thank you!!!

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Can you paste a screenshot of your code here?

Try testing on your app as well. If it glitches on your app, we’ll try to locate the directing error(s) within your story.

If we’ve tried everything possible and your script is fine, then you will most likely have to submit a ticket (link can be found in my linktree).

I’ve tested it on my phone and it does the same thing. Sorry I can’t screenshot the code right now but maybe tomorrow.

What about if you scream ??? How do u get it to shake???

&YOU is scream
@zoom on…
#repeat the fast zooms to give off a camera shake effect

So, basically use & and the screaming animation for the character. Then use @ for the fast zooms underneath.

If you read through the camera shake tutorial I linked, you’ll find this information, too ^^


&YOU is scream = @YOU starts scream

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Ok thanks :+1::kissing_heart:

How do I get my character to face from left to right?

@CHAR faces right
&CHAR faces right

Hey i’m a new author. My characters are standing face to face using the rear animation so you are seeing the persons back instead of the normal side way view. How do i get the camera to switch between them so that you see CHAR2 back and CHAR face while making the background look like the other side of the picture.
@CHAR spot 1.617 70 -198 in zone 1 at layer 1
@CHAR faces left
@CHAR2 spot 1.424 222 -82 in zone 1 at layer 0
@CHAR2 faces left
@cut to zone 1
@CHAR2 starts idle AND CHAR starts idle_rear
Please help.


Thank you so much

Thank you so much!

How do I get a character to be in front of another character? The way I have it now is there are three characters on screen. Then a child walks on screen, but he is behind the other characters. How do I fix this?

You’d use layers:

@Alexis251 No problem :yay:

How many pages should there be for a multiple page closet? I’m talking a closet that doesn’t have outfits in categories, just one where all the outfits are listed together.

HOW TO: Use [shouldPaginate: YES] :rose:

Why doesn’t the overlay move in the preview when i try to scale it?

a section of my script is red;-;