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Hiya! :wave: Anything after a quotation mark will appear red. If there’s some red, chances are, a quotation mark is missing somewhere.

Here’s an example of a missing quotation mark causing red text:


you need two

“You should talk to her” {

@speechbubble is 160 276 to 95% with tail_top_right

Kali (talk_Shrug_neutral)
Try talking to her.

@speechbubble is 161 253 to 95% with talk_top_left

@HANATA (talk_think_neutral)
Maybe your right.

@speechbubble is 0 205 to 95% with talk_top_right


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Yep, exactly. :+1:
(I’d made that as a sample text for Janelle’s issue since I wasn’t sure what Janelle’s script looked like, it isn’t actually part of my story though haha.)

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oop my bad :laughing:

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Hey, I’ve always been on and off with episode because it gets so fustrating. Zones, layers, choices, and errors with I don’t know how to fix it. I’m a determine person but episode is the only thing that makes me want to give up my story ideas. It can also help me because I’ve wanted to be an author. Please help!

I started to learn by watching videos of Joseph Evans (I don’t really watch him now since I have the forum for direct questions) He covered a lot about basic coding and from there you’ll be able figure out the basics. But he isn’t the only you-tuber you can turn to but he’s who I prefer.

If the text is in red then it’s most likely a problem with the quotation marks. If the quotation mark isn’t closed then the text after it becomes red.

Oh, sorry I forgot to mention him. I used his videos for referrences and some examples off some episode websites or youtubers. It did work for me but for some reason it stopped, ex. The choices he did. It kept saying I had an error but I would double check and change things to see if It worked but didn’t. I think its probably harder for me because I don’t have someone there to help me. But overall it gets me fustrated and stressed.

Does anyone have the DAY version of this background?

Do you still have your script? Maybe I can help. :upside_down_face:

Thank you, how about on saturday. I just need time to plot out the story and see what I want. And I have school.

Just gonna write something here so I can come back to this later

Hey! I hope somebody can help me with this, after I change zone to zone 2, the character Madison appears at the bottom of the screen, and I’m not sure why. When I play the preview from the line that changes to zone 2 she stands where she’s supposed to stand, but when I play from where the scene actually starts, she appears at the bottom of the screen. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

@cut to zone 3
&zoom on 738 230 to 140% in 0
&MADISON spot 1.487 185 -142 in zone 3 AND MADISON faces left AND MADISON is deepbreath AND MADISON moves to layer 1
&SETH spot 1.748 82 -315 in zone 3 AND SETH faces left AND SETH is rear AND SETH moves to layer 2
@MADISON is arms_crossed

@speechbubble is 160 175 to 100%

@pause for 2


@speechbubble reset
@MADISON is deepbreath

@pause for 2

    MADISON (talk_arms_crossed)

@MADISON walks to spot 1.316 205 -97 in 2 AND MADISON does it while walk_rear AND MADISON faces left

&cut to zone 2
&zoom on 418 87 to 140% in 0
&SETH spot 1.073 207 41 in zone 2 AND SETH faces left AND SETH is idle_sad AND SETH moves to layer 1 AND MADISON spot 1.937 97 -418 in zone 2
@MADISON spot 1.937 97 -418 in zone 2 AND MADISON faces left AND MADISON moves to layer 2 AND MADISON does it while walk_neutral

    SETH (talk_call_out)

@MADISON is deepbreath
@pause for 3

Hey I was wondering if someone could help me with layering an overlay. It’s the podium in the INT. CLASSROOM BLACKBOARD and I thought I just had to put @overlay PODIUM moves to layer 1 but that didn’t work and it came up on the app saying I had to create an overlay before animating it or something. I’m fairly confused :sweat_smile:

My guess is you have her too far down maybe.


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Hey guys,
Trying to change a name for a character since at first he is a butler and then his normal name to Bentley.
As of right now there are two characters but Idk how to help with the afflicting + & - for BUTLER and give them to BENTLEY.
Or would be easier to somehow change his name??
(He does go in and out of them both throughout scripting)

  • Elegancy

Sure that works! I have school too so it’d be better for me to do it on a Saturday.

Thank you! Problem solved :slight_smile: I feel like a real moron now though :joy:

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Brah just went through that with an overlay myself!
We got to get over our “Stupid” road bumps before succeeding!!

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