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Code in what zone the overlay is in

For example:
@overlay 6518280348565504_BAGEL shifts to 261 212 in zone #
@overlay 6518280348565504_BAGEL scales to 0.217 0.217 in zone #

Thanks! That method caused the bagel to show up, but it created another problem. Before it falls, it freezes up in my character’s hand, and doesn’t fall:

@remove Bagel Plain from CARMEN
@overlay BAGEL create
@overlay BAGEL opacity 1

@overlay 6518280348565504_BAGEL shifts to 261 212 in zone 2
@overlay 6518280348565504_BAGEL scales to 0.217 0.217 in zone 2
@zoom on 640 229 to 285% in 2

@overlay 6518280348565504_BAGEL shifts to 261 212 in 3 in zone 2
@overlay 6518280348565504_BAGEL scales to 0.217 0.217 in zone 2

I don’t know if this will work but try putting an & sign instead of an @ sign

Like this:
&remove Bagel Plain from CARMEN
@overlay BAGEL create

As I said I don’t know if that will work but it’s worth a try :sweat_smile::blush:

Do you recommend & signs on all the beginning lines? or just the first one. Sorry, I’m a bit unexperienced in overlays :grin:

I would say just the first line but I don’t really know :blush:

I can try!

It gives me a warning when I type “&remove Bagel Plain from CARMEN”

Then I don’t know what to do, sorry :frowning_face::heart:

It’s ok, I can try to adjust my script! :two_hearts:

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random zoom out, how do I get rid of it?:

INT. SIXES AND NINES BAR - DAY with SIXES AND NINES BAR to 1.089 -17 -13 in zone 1 at layer 1

@add Red Cup to BACKGROUND33
@add Red Cup to BACKGROUND1
@add Red Cup to BACKGROUND5
@add Red Cup to NEWSLADY
@add Red Cup to BACKGROUND7
@add Red Cup to BACKGROUND9

@reset hsl in 0

@cut to zone 1

@overlay GUITAR create
@overlay GUITAR opacity 1 in 0
@overlay GUITAR shifts to 161 293 in zone 3
@overlay GUITAR scales to 0.322 0.322
@overlay GUITAR moves to layer 2
@overlay GUITAR rotates -75 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0

@remove NEWSLADY

@overlay RED CUP to layer 5

&BACKGROUND28 spot 0.552 190 287 in zone 1 AND BACKGROUND28 moves to layer 0 AND BACKGROUND28 starts tinker_loop_rear AND BACKGROUND28 faces left AND BACKGROUND7 faces left AND BACKGROUND7 spot 0.835 210 41 in zone 1 AND BACKGROUND7 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND7 starts talk_neutral AND BACKGROUND7 faces right AND BGC6 spot 0.835 293 28 in zone 1 AND BGC6 moves to layer 3 AND BGC6 starts nod_loop AND BGC6 faces left AND BACKGROUND33 spot 0.438 169 311 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND33 faces right AND BACKGROUND33 starts talk_sit AND BACKGROUND33 moves to layer 0 AND BACKGROUND1 spot 0.482 65 282 in zone 1 AND BACKGROUND1 faces right AND BACKGROUND1 starts idle_sit_ankles_crossed AND BACKGROUND1 moves to layer 1 AND BACKGROUND2 spot 0.44 118 319 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND2 starts idle_sit_slouch AND BACKGROUND2 moves to layer 2 AND BACKGROUND2 faces right AND BACKGROUND3 spot 0.464 212 309 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND3 faces right AND BACKGROUND3 starts idle_sit_ankles_crossed AND BACKGROUND3 moves to layer 1 AND BACKGROUND4 spot 0.481 266 311 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND4 faces right AND BACKGROUND4 starts idle_sit_ankles_crossed AND BACKGROUND4 moves to layer 1 AND BACKGROUND5 spot 0.636 206 166 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND5 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND5 starts nod_loop AND BACKGROUND5 faces left AND BACKGROUND6 spot 0.572 150 177 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND6 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND6 starts talk_neutral_deny AND BACKGROUND6 faces right AND BACKGROUND9 spot 0.835 307 7 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND9 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND9 starts dance_phone_raise_loop AND BACKGROUND9 faces right AND BACKGROUND10 spot 0.771 50 98 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND10 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND10 starts dance_phone_raise_loop AND BACKGROUND10 faces right AND NIX spot 0.478 179 348 in zone 3 AND NIX moves to layer 1 AND NIX faces left AND NIX starts play_airguitar_loop AND BACKGROUND11 spot 0.835 113 -75 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND11 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND11 starts dance_phone_raise_loop AND BACKGROUND11 faces right AND BACKGROUND13 spot 0.578 282 232 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND13 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND13 starts dance_hands_up_loop AND BACKGROUND13 faces right AND BFF2 spot 0.578 154 205 in zone 3 AND BFF2 moves to layer 2 AND BFF2 is dance_kpop AND BFF2 faces left AND BACKGROUND15 spot 0.579 45 245 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND15 moves to layer 1 AND BACKGROUND15 starts dance_drop_it AND BACKGROUND15 faces right AND BACKGROUND16 spot 0.579 210 182 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND16 moves to layer 1 AND BACKGROUND16 starts dance_groove_loop AND BACKGROUND16 faces right

@BACKGROUND7 spot 0.835 376 38 AND BGC6 walks to spot 0.835 376 38 AND JANE spot 0.569 124 247 AND JANE moves to layer 2 AND JANE faces right

@zoom on 164 317 to 339% in 0

&JANE is sit

@JANE is read_phone_shocked

    BACKGROUND28 (talk_doubtful)
Can I get my phone back?

Do you mean this zoom?

That isn’t a valid command. It needs to be
@remove Bagel Plain from CARMEN


I’ve got a new question if someone has the time to help!

During a conversation, I want to zoom in and out on the characters at certain points. When it zooms in, it goes straight to the spot I asked it to. But when it zooms out, it shifts over to the left before going to the spot I would like it to go it. I would rather it go straight to the spot without the added shift over. Is it possible to do this?

Here is what the zoom IN code looks like:

    SAL (talk_pointup_happy)
You're the one who wanted me to come late.

&zoom on 693 220 to 158% in 2.5 AND SAL is idle
@speechbubble reset
YOU (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
I know, and I can’t thank you enough for doing it.

And here is what the zoom OUT code looks like:

SAL (talk_gossip)
I would have killed to be in college at 16.
@YOU is laugh_giggle
label choose_room
&zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 1.5
@speechbubble is 103 251 to 100% with tail_top_right
SAL (talk_flirt_coy)
So, how do you want to decorate our room?

Thank you for your time!

how do I do those clock transitions?

The code for that is:

@transition iris fade in/out

it has an error:

Sorry I wrote wrong, take away “fade” so it’s just “@transition iris in/out”


Can somebody write the code for a lying animation for the background INT. JUVIE HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY … The character’s name is Caroline and the animation is idle_lay_groggy_neutral_loop