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I have a question… So in some stories they have a “choose a character to be your …” but it’s not in a list, it’s on screen and you tap the one you want to use throughout the story

I think that it is tappable overlays that you mean and a guide for that is:

Does anyone know how to allow the character to choose a hairstyle? None of the Directing Forums explains it. I want the reader to choose if the main character curls her hair or puts it in a ponytail. Thanks in advance!

Here’s an example (in ink) of a girl character choosing between two hairstyles:

label hair_style01

CHAR (think)
(What hairstyle should I choose?)

“Monday Morning Updo”{
@CHAR changes hair into Monday Morning Updo
@CHAR starts primp_condescend
@pause for 2
}“Diva Curls”{
@CHAR changes hair into Diva Curls
@CHAR starts primp_condescend
@pause for 2

CHAR (think)
(Hmm…sure about this?)

CHAR (strike_a_pose)
(My hair looks amazing.)
@CHAR starts idle
goto hair_finish
goto hair_style01

label hair_finish
#continue story

You’ll find tons of resources to aid you with this :two_hearts:

  1. HOW TO: Simple Choices

  2. 🖤 HOW TO: Labels and Gotos 🖤

  3. HOW TO: Customize Characters

  4. HOW TO: Use [shouldPaginate: YES]

Good luck <3

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Thank you!

No problem :christmas_tree:

How do you do text without a character popping up. Like I’m trying to have the narrator, well, narrate but I don’t want them on the screen. It shows as a speech or thought bubble. I want it in a square. How do I do that?


Can read more here:

Remembering past choices:

Dressing games you can look at for reference:

I know I keep asking a lot of questions, but I’m new lol. How do I delete a character?

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Red delete button here. :+1:

It won’t let me. I’ve tried. The delete button won’t even pop up.

The characters name is Narrator.

You have to delete the script name of your character from all episodes. So, make sure their name is deleted from your script.

Ex. if you have three episodes and a character named JOHN in them but you want to delete JOHN, you’d have to delete the name JOHN from your script (from all three/current episodes)


I’m new and sooooooo confused on how to do overlays or whatever I’m supposed to do when there’s a table. Also is there any specific background that has a table and not just a cluster of them(one that focuses on just one table)???


anybody know how to fix this?

Here’s a thread on layers :slight_smile: