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so i had a question. in certain stories the character does an action and then the lights in the room either come on or go off. i kind of want to do that in my story and i dont know how exactly to.

You use the EFFECT DIM 60 overlay

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i am incredibly thankful. i think I was trying to figure out what to do since like a month. anyways thanks so so much for your help :grinning:


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does anyone know where you can get this story uses sound backgrounds

does anyone know where to find character customisation templates to allow the readers to customize characters

You could ask any of the many talented people from the resources section or I could make it for you. If you pm me the details.

For this @Dara.Amarie has some amazing ones. I’ll include the link down below but don’t forget to give her credit!
Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

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thank you so much. I will

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thanks a ton

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My character is in the cabin room and I’m trying to make her sleep in the bed where her head is at the top and her feet are at the bottom do anyone have the spot directing for that because everyone that I’ve tried makes her sleep sideways.

Unforntelny you can’t place your character in a vertical position while laying animation. You can use a background with a top view of a bed and place them there.

how do you follow the camera to another zone while someone is running

@follow CHARACTER to screen left in zone 3 AND CHARACTER does it while run_athletic

thank you

How would I use labels/ gains to remember a past choice (clothing) in a new scene?

How can I do that if you don’t mind me asking

Here’s the example game:

Place your character just as normal
@CHARACTER stands screen left AND CHARACTER2 stands screen right
(for a better effect use spot directing to make them larger)

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