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Try going on one of @JemU776’s threads about directing. Just search her @ and next to her at put in directing and you’ll find a whole lot of threads.

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I’ll try that. Thanks! ^^

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You can’t use “in zone #” where # is a number with the enters command so you’d remove “in zone 2”

Okay, can someone explain to me on how to make a duplicate character for cc? I feel like this has been explained to me before but I still don’t know how to do it.

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Thank you, I will check that out later tonight.

Sorry if this has been asked already. I want my character FSTREET4 to enter from the right side of zone 3 to spot 0.530 176 189 in zone 3. I want her to do the run fall animation but when I try to get her to run while being the smaller size she doesn’t stay small. I can’t figure out how to code this.

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@cut to zone 3

@FSTREET4 spot 0.530 420 189 in zone 3 at layer 1 AND FSTREET4 faces left

@FSTREET4 walks to spot 0.530 176 189 in zone 3 in 2 AND FSTREET4 does it while pickarunninganimation THEN FSTREET4 is fallinganimation

  • replace the animations with existing ones
  • let me know how it goes

It worked, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Aye np :yay:

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Okay, I put the code it said to use but I’m not really sure if it worked.


Are you suppose to see the duplicate character look like the main character in the web previewer or can you only see the change when testing on the phone?

Hi , someone made me an overlay for my story when I tryed uploading it onto Episode it said it was over 1MB I tryed reducing the size but when I got to size that I could upload it was too small . Is there any other way that I can reduce the MB on my overlay

Honestly, the best way to see it if it worked (which it should) is to test on the app. The app is more accurate and it is what your readers see :blob_sun:


where it says [overlay] @Jenaco has background written because the tutorial focuses on background to overlay conversion :yay:


Hey, I’ve been like trying to figure out what an episode and I can’t seem to remember what it’s called, it’s a long shot that you might have read it, but it’s like she’s running her dads company and then she gets forced into an arranged marriage to a celeb or something? So sorry :joy::joy:

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Okay, thank you!

So it didn’t work, I think I had this same problem when I tried it last time as well. Should I pm you instead to go over this a little more?

Yes :yay:


I was like that too, but over time I learned, I wish you the best of luck.

Hey y’all! Another very stupid question. I can find ZERO Nerf gun overlays. Would anybody happen to have one or know where to get one? :joy: :two_hearts: