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What does this do exactly?


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I don’t know what It does for full body stories, but for spotlight stories, It makes the main character appear stage left when they begin talking.

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If you use the phonetext feature and no character is set there all the messages will appear on the left side in grey text bubbles. If you use that feature the character set as the main character will have blue text bubbles on the right hand side.

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I need help finding a animation!!

image ❤️

It ends like that but I don’t know what the animation called :confused:

Flirt bashful or something like that.


thank you <3333

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  1. I don’t know if this has already been asked and/or answered but here I go. Is there a way to code an overlay so that it appears on the screen with a slam effect. I see this all the time in other stories and I’d love to implement this effect in some of mine. However, I don’t exactly know how to. Is there a specific way to do it?

  1. Currently, I’m working on a scene where I want two overlays fading in and out at the same time. However, whenever I try to code it, one overlay (18 hours) won’t go to the position I put it in and the other overlay (Present day) won’t fade out? Can someone help me?

Here is the script:
&ROSE spot 2.012 72 -323 in zone 1 AND ROSE moves to layer 3 AND ROSE is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear
&AIMEE spot 1.396 245 -28 in zone 1 AND AIMEE moves to layer 1 AND AIMEE is idle_armscrossed_angry_loop AND AIMEE faces left
&overlay PLAIN TABLE shifts to -225 -462 in zone 1
&overlay PLAIN TABLE scales to 1.093 1.093
@pause for 0.5
@overlay PRESENT DAY TEXT create
@overlay 18 HOURS LATER TEXT create
&overlay PRESENT DAY TEXT shifts to 29 260 in zone 1
&overlay PRESENT DAY TEXT scales to 1.216 1.216
&overlay PRESENT DAY TEXT opacity 0
&overlay 18 HOURS LATER shifts to 27 224 in zone 1
&overlay 18 HOURS LATER TEXT scales to 1.576 1.576
&overlay 18 HOURS LATER TEXT opacity 0
&overlay PRESENT DAY TEXT opacity 1 in 2.5
&overlay 18 HOURS LATER TEXT opacity 1 in 2.5
@pause for 1.25
@AIMEE is eyeroll_sarcastic
@pause for 1.25
&overlay PRSESNT DAY TEXT opacity 0 in 2.5
&overlay 18 HOURS LATER TEXT opacity 0 in 2.5
@speechbubble is 163 282 to 100% with tail_top_right

    AIMEE (talk_angry)
This is the last time I'm going to ask you, kid.

I keep getting errors with the brackets that come and go, I currently have an error with a spot positioning as well that I haven’t fixed. How do I fix them in order to preview? I might come backto edit since I’M NOT REALLY SURE HOW TO EXPRESS THIS PARTICULAR CONCERN.

How do you make the game remember the choices made in previous episodes.

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You have to use gains

“This is cool”(
gain cool_choice
“This is bad”
gain Bad_choice

(use the squigly brackets)

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Thanks so much!!

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You’re welcome :grinning:

Please help! :sob: There’s a bracket at the end, and I’ve tried adding/removing brackets but it still keeps saying Error.

I can’t tell if this is the exact problem but I think the issue is within the gains. I think gains can’t have a hyphen so try changing your three gains to something like gain MYSTERY1_1_shoeprints etc etc (replace with an underscore)

Thank you!

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That did the trick ! Thank you!

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I´ve tried this so many times now, to have my character say one word at the time while angry, but it never works… The error i´m getting is “you can´t have one character immediatly following another”. And i don´t get it… I´ll appreciate all the help i can get. Thanks in advance! Xo Chantelle

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It’s because the system is picking it up as a Character since the text is all capitalized,

try it this way instead:

SELENA (talk_angry)
|no-space| USED

@zoom on 0 420 to 240% in 0

SELENA (talk_angry)
|no-space| MY

@zoom on 0 420 to 360% in 0

SELENA (scream)
|no-space| TOOTHBRUSH!!!

Also just to let you know, instead of using @pause for a beat multiple times, you could just use @pause for 2 or @pause for # (whatever number of seconds you want)

Hello, :blush:
Your overlay for 18 hours is likely not going to the position because you’re missing the word TEXT next to it where you have it shift.
This line: &overlay 18 HOURS LATER shifts to 27 224 in zone 1
And your overlay present day is likely not fading because it’s misspelled.

This line close to the bottom of your script: &overlay PRSESNT DAY TEXT opacity 0 in 2.5