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@add Hand Gun ti CHAR

@CHAR is idle_hold_gun (INK behavior)

Um In my script I want to use a fade transition but whenever I put the command, the next location, and then preview it… It’ll do the fade and show the same location THEN pop into the next. But I want it to fade into the next one…
Does that make sense? And can you help?


Have the fade in right after your second background.

#script stuff
@transition fade out black 2

&#CHARACTER placements
@transition fade in black 2
#more script stuff

Oh okay thanks

Apes I luv uu, thanks hahaha

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No problem, girl :smile::heart:

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How can I make my male character taller than my girl character :(?

Spotting Directing, my love!!

I have made a guide on this very subject:


How should I fix this?

Did you read my message? Because I did explain it to you. :smiley:

You need a dialogue before the choice, ALWAYS, you need to move this animation above the dialogue :slight_smile:

oh yes sry i forgot!

And what’s wrong with this?

Remove “in zone 2”

:sob:I already tried that, but it’s not working :frowning: i don’t know that to do :sob::sob::sob:

What’s exactly not working? Can you explain more? :slight_smile:

I want him to be taller than her :frowning: but i don’t know how, because i already try with Spot Drecting, and it’s not working :frowning:

Can I see your coding?

Did you copy all the spots exactly like they were?
Do you want your character to enter the scene?
Did you try to learn by reading posts or watching youtube guides?

-nods rapidly in agreement-

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How do u use the speech bubble to make it seem like someone off screen is yelling
is there a way to make the bubble shake or something?