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No problem! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a reoccurring problem for me. Every time i use an apostrophe, it disappears in my story when i review it, which makes my story make so much less sense… Does anyone know anything about this, have any suggestions, or know where i can get the right help for this type of problem? I would really appreciate it.

You should use ’ instead of ´ :thinking:

That´ll probably do the trick, i just honestly don´t even know where that button is :sweat_smile:

I can try to find it for you if you pm me a pic of your keyboard :blush:

So if i let the audience choose their own name in my story, is there a way to make the other characters memorize it? plz help?

Yes! I’m guessing you used [NAME] to remember the player’s inputted name.

You would simply write [NAME] when a character is referring to the name of the MC.

For example;

DANIEL (talk_greet_neutral)
Hey [NAME], I was wondering when you’d show up!

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Thank you sm, i was sitting here overthinking the whole thing!

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Since you helped out, do you know how i can be able to zoom and pan and have the narr speak at the same time?

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I believe what you’re asking could be solved by;

&zoom on x x to % in T

Narration here!

Hii! You can change that! Go to show helpers and on the speech bubble option

You can play around with it! Change the scale move it and move the tail towards the character you want


Reset the speechbubble?

@speechbubble reset

I just started writing my first story and I can’t change the characters outfits even if I use @character changes into outfit
Can anyone help me. Thanks

Create the outfit first!
And the character name must be all caps
@CHARACTER changes into #outfitname

Whats the name of your outfit and your character?

That’s the script that I wrote. It seems good but when I preview it the outfits don’t work.

Is your character wearing a different outfit from the default before?

For me, there is a drop down button thing like this:


That should say “Text Effects”. There you can choose what effects you want.

Not exactly, I had to use the @CHARACTER1 becomes CHARACTER2 for family member and young versions of characters and the outfits changed aswell. Now I can’t change it back

Hi so im trying to make my characters kiss… what am I doing wrong