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Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
As someone else said, it’s the layers issue.
You would need to layer the wheelchair behind the characters. The girl goes over the wheelchair and the guy goes over the girl.

You can do this by doing:

&overlay NAMEOFWHEELCHAIROVERLAY moves to layer 0
&NAMEOFFEMALE moves to layer 1
&NAMEOFMALE moves to layer 2

And then I would suggest zooming to make it look like she’s still sitting on the wheelchair if that’s what you were looking to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also to use the zoom, go to “show helpers“, “camera” and mess around with the “zoom” and “focus” to get it in the spot you want and then copy that code down into your script that you’ll see in a box below the preview screen. Should look something like @zoom on ### ### to ###% in 0

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What if I’m using two different overlays and limbs

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may I see what your overlays look like? both the wheelchair and limbs one?

I want make her look like she’s sitting and kissing the guy

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Hmm… With that, I would put the wheelchair at layer 1, the female at layer 2, the legs at layer 3, the wheelchair sidearm part at layer 4 and then the guy at layer 5. You would still have to zoom.

Regardless of what kind of wheelchair overlay her legs will still pop out at the bottom with standing animations. It would look something like this (This is using the wheelchair from episodelife:)

So you should definitely use zoom as well unless she’s doing sitting animations.

If you wanted to use the episodelife wheelchair here’s the overlays:

And this is how you would layer them

and the guy would need to be at layer 6.

I think this overlay covers a good portion of the characters body especially having the seat as an overlay.

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so I delete my existing kissing animations?

Oh, no. You still would use those animations.
But you’d have to place the wheelchair overlay at a layer behind theirs. So add in &overlay OVERLAYNAME moves to layer -3. And zoom in as well. And maybe move them closer on the wheelchair so the wheelchair seat is slightly behind her.

and do I need the seat

You don’t need the seat but it just looked better that with the overlay I used since it’s fairly bulky and it covered a good portion of her bottom half. Because you need the upper half to be in front of the wheelchair top and the bottom half of the wheelchair to cover her bottom Half since she’s standing that’s why I have the seat cut out. Because if you only used the leg overlay it still won’t fully hide her bottom half of her standing. That’s if you’re using the leg overlay but even with some standing animations her arms will fall behind the seat overlay so It’s best to use zoom and to see what works better. Sometimes with it, sometimes without.

Hope that made sense

so I switch out the wheelchair overlay then

If you want to. You don’t have to use that overlay. You can use the one you have and just make sure that the arm side thing is layered in front, then her legs, then her and then the wheelchair.

So changing their layers, the guy to layer 5 and the girl to layer 2 and then add in the layers for your overlays,
&overlay WHEELCHAIR moves to layer 1
&overlay LEGS moves to layer 3
&overlay WHEELCHAIRSIDE moves to layer 4

And then zoom on them.

can I message you if I have problems… im new and this is my first story

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Yes of course!

thank you you have no idea how hard I tried to find this

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Hey, i’m sorta new at this and i have like a lot of questions but the most important at the moment are these

how do you make a person walk in from the center or walk away to the center
how do you make someone smaller or taller
how do you fit more than 3 people on the screen

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Spot directing would help you solve all of these questions.

With spot directing, you can have them walk from anywhere to anywhere. You can also make them shorter or taller with spot directing. And for fitting more than 3 people on the screen you would use spot directing to size the characters small enough to fit everyone on the screen. :grimacing:

At the bottom of that link thread, there’s also a link that then tells you how to use spot directing and walking. But first start out with getting familiar with the helpers tool.

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This isn’t a directing question but can someone please explain to me what bump means? I’ve seen it on some threads and I have no idea what it means. :see_no_evil:

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It means that you “bump” the thread on the top of the new topics, to get more views. You can bump every 24 hours I believe.

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