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You have to place your talking character offscreen (in a different zone for example) the bubble will appear on the screen.
You can’t shake the bubble but you can shake the text by using text effects

How to use an overlay in a line like this

@MIA is something

Rather than…


Check it HERE

@overlay OVERLAY create
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to X Y in 0 in zone #
@overlay OVERLAY scales to % % in 0
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 1 in 0

More about how to place overlays here:

how would I shake the text using text effects?
I want my character (YOURMOM) to say
How long are you going to take?
[YOU] get downstairs now!
We need to run some errands!

| animation:shuffle-sideways: [1-5] | [YOU] | reset |

and do u put this before or after the speech


so what exactly would my script look like? Sry for the inconvenience but I can’t figure out how this works

How long are you going to take?
[YOU] get downstairs now!
We need to run some errands!

How long are you going to take?
| animation:shuffle-sideways: [1-5] |[YOU] | reset | get downstairs now!
We need to run some errands!

if my dialogue was “I’m talking to you” what would it be

what did i do wrong
I want everything the mom says to animate

Remove | reset | because ay then end of a dialogue section it automatically resets

And if you want all of the moms dialogue to animate then you’ll need to put the text effect in front of the dialogue every time you start a new line

I have an error that says must have diolouge before choice. Here is my script.

Whatever, let’s just call the cops.
@YOU stands screen left and faces right and BOY stands screen center and faces right and OFFICER stands screen right and faces left

So how'd you kids get in this mess, huh?
And who was driving?


choice “Stand Up For Yourself” {
Well, he was driving and I screamed and made him swerve.
Yeah, her scream was unexpected so I lost control.
} “Save [BOY]” {
I was driving and I saw a deer in the road, so I swerved into the trees to avoid hitting the deer.
[BOY] had nothing to do with it.

[YOU], you don't have to protect me. I was driving the car sir.


"Stay Quiet" {

@BOY faces left
@BOY faces right
I…I don’t know what to say officer.
She scared me a bit and I lost control and swerved into the trees.
I didn’t mean for it to happen.


You have no dialogue under YOU.

thank you :hugs:

How do I show two characters enter simultaneously

@CHAR1 enters from left to screen center AND CHAR2 enters from left to screen left

you got me. thanks…I always feel so stupid :blush:

Can we add our own sounds to the story…or like music cause that would be so cool