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Ohhh! Thanks so much! :heart:

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Thank you so much! :grin:

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You need to create an overlay or background. And then spot each character either side of the line.

If you don’t have a photo editing app, ask an art shop/overlay shop to get you an overlay.

Then you will layer the characters and overlay.
@CHARACTER moves to layer 0
@overlay LAPTOP moves to layer 1

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Hi! I want a specific part of my background to show, for example the middle but its only showing me the left side. If i zoom into the middle then its too big for the frame, is there anyway i can move it? (I am using the background: INT. CRYSTAL THRONE ROOM - DAY and i want the Throne to be on the left) Thank you in advance.

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Do you mean to like cut to a zone?
If so, you do this by either using @ or the & symbol with the command cut to zone 2.

In general:
@ or &cut to zone # (whichever zone number you want to cut to in the background)

i have a question regarding guidelines for cover art. are u allowed to ask those on this page?

Hi again!
So I have a lot more questions

  1. How do you make people look like they are sleeping. when i tried it she wasn’t really on the couch she was hovering over it, it might just be the backgrounds. ( INT. ANNIKA - NIGHT and INT. FANCY LIVING ROOM - NIGHT )

  2. Also how do you make someone wake up and stand up smoothly. when i tried it look very square ( if that makes sense ) its doesn’t look natural it just looks like its going through different motions

  3. How do you do car overlays. like getting into/out of the car and it moving across the screen

  4. How do you make people run and fall smoothly. for me i had to make them walk on screen then fun and all and it looks weird.

  5. How do you make it look like someone is picking someone up and carrying them ( like leaning on their shoulder as if they were hurt, or how a parent would carry a small child )

  6. How do you make someone walk like they are hurt and look like they are hurt

  7. How do you make someone run from one place to another

I know that this is a lot and thank you to whoever answers this. I have more questions i just don’t know what they are yet lol so thank you so very much.

Hey. So I’m having trouble transitioning in my story (INK).
here is the code:
transition fade out black in 1.0

HALIA spot 1.300 90 10 in zone 1 AND HALIA is walk_trudge
ANASTASIA spot 1.280 190 10 in zone 1 AND ANASTASIA is walk_trudge
ANASTASIA faces right
transition fade in black 1.0

So i don’t get what Im doing wrong. When I do this it fades out then shows them walking and then it fades in. I know the “@” are missing, it wouldnt let me post with them for some reason

For number 6:
for example I would do
@STELLA walks to spot 1.280 50 6 in zone 1 AND STELLA is walk_exhausted

because that the closest to looking hurt in my opinion.

Yeah, these are also hard for me. I’ve tried reading all of the tutorials and guides and still am no good at it. Does anyone have a step by step how to?

Perhaps this will help :blob_hearts: @mcsaylesjoc

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Use & instead of @ to place the characters before the transition.

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Thank you!

Hello! I’m not familiar with choices and I got this error😫

It says “Unexpected DIALOG “WILL1”{

Sorry for the blurry image but I’m now on the phone :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

Have you tried deleting line 15?

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It worked thank you! I didn’t realise it was that simple🤦🏻‍♀️.

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Sorry I accidentally delete the comment trying to add a new one :joy:
The commands are @transition
-curtain in_left
-curtain in_right
-curtain out_left
-curtain out_right
-curtain in_bottom
-curtain out_bottom
-curtain in_top
-curtain out_top

Add the color and time you want

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Is it possible to pan from one character to another if they’re in the same zone?

Let’s say that character A and B are in zone 2. I’m zooming in on character A and the I @zoom reset and @zoom on character B but I’d like to pan from character A to B but idk if that’s possible :woman_shrugging:

Pan if for zones only but you can use zooming to give that effect!

Zoom on character A the zoom on character B without reseting the zoom

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