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Am I doing something wrong, it won’t change the color

everything looks fine, it;s still not working?

I don’t think so.

Is there a way you can have someone walk away but have their back to the screen?

Yes, use walk rear animation :blush:

How many choices should be per episode?

How would I put that in the script if I want them to walk to a specific place?

Also is there a way to make the screen fade to another scene?

Also, is it possible to do a thought bubble?

It’s absolutely up to you :grin:

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You use transitions:
@transition fade out black 3
@transition fade in black 3
There are a few different ways for transitions, for example:
Iris, Fades, etc.
You can also input different numbers to adjust the times it takes to fade out, and then fade in.
To do a thought bubble, you basically do:
YOU (talk_excited)
(And put your text in brackets.)
Hope this helps :sweat_smile:

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@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y AND CHARACTER is walk_rear

Whats wrong with my code?


I don’t think you can enter to a spot. Try starting the character at a spot off screen, then have them walk to the spot you want.

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@WAITER enters from left to spot 1.269 286 27 AND WAITER faces left

How do I delete a character I already created?

how do i make my character walk to a spot with the camera following him walking to a certain spot?

You have to delete this character from the script first. Then you will be able to delete it in character creation.

@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y in zone # AND pan to zone #
&pan to zone #
@CHARCTER walks to spot % X Y in zone #

theres only one zone in my background i tried it and the camera following isn’t working