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how do I show a photograph of a character on a phone

Whatd you mean?

Like a picture of people on a character’s mobile screen.

Oh, that’s an overlay. You can make your own or visit my overlay shop:

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thank you

@RudeInception I love your overlays, Girl!
They are awesome :hearts:


Love the love :blue_heart::blue_heart:

how do I make an overlay invisible at the beginning of a scene and appear after someone narrarates?

oh, and what are the different colors that you can change the choice bubble to? I know that one is premium=gold

For overlay showing in the middle of the scene use create command

For choice you can use GREEN which is a darker color and LOCKED it has a padlock

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how would i write my code is i wanted to change one of the choices to green?
My choice is
Do you want to eavesdrop?

Yes (i want this green)


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Do you want to eavesdrop?

< GREEN >“Yes”{



just remove spaces in <>

thank you!

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does anyone have a spot directing template for different beds

My girl, @Apes has made a couple of cheats for the community:


thank ya for the bazillionth time xo



How do I get a character to move, without changing their animation?

Can you tell me an example what you’re trying to do?

A character does fingersnap and I want them to keep the final emotion thing while they back away on screen.