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I have already created the character and the name is spelled correctly

That error only pops up when the system does not recognize that character name. Can you post a screenshot of the list of characters on the right side of your script?

how do I make my character shoot with a gun only twice and not on loop? here is my script
@add Handgun to SOFIA
@SOFIA is shoot_loop
@pause for .1
@SOFIA is deepbreath

Try this:
@SOFIA starts shoot_loop
@pause for 0.5
@SOFIA is deepbreath

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thanks :slight_smile:

I have a question about doing flashbacks. I want to change the hair of the character to make her seem younger but I don’t want to mess with the reader’s hair choice or accidentally change the hair for the whole story on. Do you have any ideas? Should I make a second copy of the main character with a different look?

Yes! It would be best if you make another character that has similiar physical features of the main character :slight_smile: But if you have a character customization in your story, don’t forget to include your ‘second’ main character because it’ll be weird if they have a different skin color or anything else.

Okay, thank you!

Sure, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

How do I change a characters hair or lip color in a particular scene

@CHARACTER changes hair into Hair Name
@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Color


How do I make an overlay bounce?

Or how do i decide where the overlay comes from, bc my overlay comes from the right side. How do you make it come from the middle

You have to place your overlay in the middle or bottom or up then make shifts to the place when you want it also for make your overlay bounce shift your overlay using easebounceout

I’ve uploaded multiple backgrounds and they’re still “in review” it’s been days and I’m just waiting for them to finish so I can publish my story. I also uploaded a cover photo, both big and small I’ve been waiting for almost a week now… Am I ever going to be able to get my story published? All of my episodes have an error in them because the backgrounds are still in review. Thanks!

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It sometimes can take week or two but if you’re waiting more than 2 weeks contact with episode team.

And it’s an automatic email we all get it :joy:

Okay thanks & I didn’t know …

Can you show me an example?

You can PM me your overlay and explain what are you trying to do so I can make an example for you. :wink:

Hey, im new too writing code… i need help with directing my character

she is center screen faceing rear towards the house right now … i need her too walk from where she is art on the side walk too the house and get smaller the closer she gets too the house … does that make sense?

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