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Thank you, I will try that out. Also is there any way to make a character sit behind the right desk in the Police station image?

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You have to use a desk overlay

Okay, thank you!

no problem

How do you pm? (Private message)

Click on a person’s profile, then the blue message box and just fill in the boxes. Hopefully that’s not too confusing :sweat_smile:.

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If you click on someone as well you’ll have a message option in the top right corner

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This is perfect thank you.

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It’s not tysm

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hi, can you tell me how to use the flash transition like when the screen keeps blinking to black and coming back to the normal scene? does that make sense?

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@transition fade out black

You can adjust the time.

@transition fade out 0.5
@transition fade out 4.5

Hey is there a way I can go back to a scene with all the characters already placed so I don’t have to place them again?

You have to place them again. Just copy and paste if it’s the same scene.

Yea, that is what i do

How do you make a character sit? I badly need help!
EDIT: I should have made this more clear, I need a code for it.
- Emma Starr

Look for an animation that says sit and then pick one you want THEN play with spot directing till you get what you want!

We do have behaviors for sitting :slight_smile:
It depends which style you’re using.

Also, you can make an illusion the sit behind something by using Spot Directing

Would this work?

@ELLE is idle_lay_exhausted in zone 2

No. :disappointed:
@ELLE stands screen center/left/right in zone 2 AND ELLE is idle_lay_exhausted

(It’s a laying animation so you have to use spot directing to make her lay where you want)

Which background are you using?

An uploaded one…