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So you have to use spot directing to place her where you want.

Okay so what does Invalid Slots mean?

Never seen this error before :thinking: @Dara.Amarie ?

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Can you post a screen shot of that error message and where in your script it’s coming from?

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how do u do this? Like make one

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whats the animation when the guy is clapping?



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WHat’s going on?

You either misspelled DARRYL or you have not created a character named DARRYL yet.

I have already created the character and the name is spelled correctly

That error only pops up when the system does not recognize that character name. Can you post a screenshot of the list of characters on the right side of your script?

how do I make my character shoot with a gun only twice and not on loop? here is my script
@add Handgun to SOFIA
@SOFIA is shoot_loop
@pause for .1
@SOFIA is deepbreath

Try this:
@SOFIA starts shoot_loop
@pause for 0.5
@SOFIA is deepbreath

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thanks :slight_smile:

I have a question about doing flashbacks. I want to change the hair of the character to make her seem younger but I don’t want to mess with the reader’s hair choice or accidentally change the hair for the whole story on. Do you have any ideas? Should I make a second copy of the main character with a different look?

Yes! It would be best if you make another character that has similiar physical features of the main character :slight_smile: But if you have a character customization in your story, don’t forget to include your ‘second’ main character because it’ll be weird if they have a different skin color or anything else.

Okay, thank you!