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Ty! >:0

I have two questions the first thing is I’ve edited some of my previous episodes and I just finished a new episode, so how do I give the readers the option of skipping the episode that they’ve already read and moving on to the new episode?
My second question is how do you make it look like water is coming from the shower?

For skip the episode click here

And for shower use rain weather effect Make sure you’ll zoom scene to the shower only

Ok and thank you so much

what is the style used in falling for the dolan twins and pretty little liars

You mean character style or speech bubbles? Because you can’t use either of this. The characters just look like real people and specially made it for this stories.

oh dang it I really like that style

I know! I wouldn’t mind if this would be a a next style :grin:

Is there any way to make the subscript when using the text effect a little bigger?
| subscript |You two!
I have this but it just looks waaaay too small when I see it on my phone. Can i make it even a tiny bit bigger, or is that not possible? I couldn’t find anything about it in the guides.


A subscript is typically a letter(s) that is printed below (smaller than) the word it is next to. To make the word bigger, I would bold the word.

| bold |You two!

alright, thanks!

Does anyone know how to zoom in from the characters feet to their head?

Also whats the code for making a charcter on the moving to a different spot without exiting and entering?

You mean like spot directing?

no like @CHARACTER moves to screen center
that is not a valid thing


So are you wanting them to be automatically in a spot/position? To do that you could use:

@CHARACTER stands screen position
@CHARACTER spot 1.280 100 100

Can someone direct me (post a link) to the post that has a template to give the reader an option to skip a chapter? I have seen it but forgot to save it. Thank you.

When would you want to use shade or curtain transitions?


This one?