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Thank you so much.


I’ve used the shade transition as a transition to another room in the same house or building. Curtain I’ve used to follow a character out of the scene.
Really you can use them in any context, this is just how I have used them.

Thank you for the explanation on this.

Hi, I was wondering about how many episodes would be a good for a part one. I know the guide says 3 episodes as the minimum but I know some go past that amount of episodes.

Hey, so I’m trying to use a filter putting @set hsl 0 0 38 in my script but it shows error

Does anyone know what I should do?? :heart:

I’m pretty sure people usually post either 3 or 5. But you can do as much as you want, it doesn’t really matter. :heart:

Hmm :thinking: did you tried to re write it? Because it seems ok to me or maybe error is somewhere else?

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Yeah I rewrote it but it doesn’t work, I think that maybe I have to put something like lightness or idk

Never mind, it worked

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What’s the normal volume for music?

Did they just upgrade the web portal for phone editing? I just opened it up on my phone.

What do you mean? :thinking:

There is no default volume level.
It varies on the sound option.
The loudest is 100% but not some sounds are louder than others.

music_happygolucky what would I use for a normal sound? How do authors test the volume?

What is the # mean when coding?

So, I found this overlay by the amazing @pamelac.stories on Instagram. I want to know exactly how many pixels it would take to fill up the white part of the background.

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It’s for notes. They’re only visible for you.
#your note here

I have no idea :flushed: @RudeInception?

For sound:

volume sound X S

For music:

volume music X S

X = volume percent (1-100)
S = seconds it take for the volume to go up (milliseconds, 1000 = 1 second)

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Not sure… I’d have to save the image and check.
Why do you need to know the pixel size?