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I wrote that but it didn’t work lol.

Can I see what you wrote?

yeah, sure.

i want them to walk into this scene from their desk.

You have the word spot missing

@EMBER walks to spot 1.500 -88 -44 AND EMBER is walk_neutral AND BELLA walks to spot 1.500 -106

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its still not working lol. :woman_facepalming:t5:

I’m not sure what the issue is then :thinking:

me either :joy: ive also tried using & and it still didn’t work

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thank you!

What’s exactly doesn’t work? :thinking:

Hey so I have been wondering if my iPad stops working and I want to switch my episode acc to another device how do I do it. ps the Ipad won’t turn on so I pretty much can’t log out

if your on the app i guess you would just delete it and put it on the new device. it shouldn’t effect your stories or anything as long as you know your password. I hope that helped :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know how to loop an overlay to rotate 360 infinitely? (until the next scene change) I want it to also move. Help!

Here is a guide, it should answer all your overlay questions:

What do you EXCACTLY do with R4R?

I think you read an amount of episodes from someone’s story and they read the same amount of episodes from your story.

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Hey guys!! So I have a question for a overlay placement I’ve been trying to do, so for my script I want one of my main characters to be checking off a list except the only thing that’s in the scene is an arm pointing to the things he needs and it’s planning to each item he needs for example in the pic it’s only the hand showing so I’m trying to do that but say he’s point at a counter And then the camera is panning to each item he has. I’m really sorry if this is confusing

Can you PM more details?


Thank you! :smile:

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