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You’re welcome. Happy if it helps. :upside_down_face:


It’s usually a few days. I’ve been declined a few backgrounds before. Last time it was art someone made it for me, so I sent a support ticket.
Just make sure your backgrounds/overlays follow guidelines and everything should be alright :slight_smile:

A lot of authors waiting for approval so don’t need to feel bad about it if you publish next episode a few days later :slight_smile:

Using zoom (zoom on characters face)
Adding another page (this one is more complicated)

Okay, so I got a problem with the layers. I want this specific character to stand behind 2 characters, but even though i write @CHARACTER moved to layer 0 snd the other two characters to layer 1 and 2

I mean moves

Can you post your script?

One moment

Try to move her to layer -1 and see if that works

Entering character will be always in front of everyone, so for a split second she can be in front of rest of characters

I’ll try

Let me know x

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It worked, thank you

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Does anyone know how to add a table overlay in a specific zone?

INT. BACKGROUND - DAY with TABLE in zone #

Thank you so much, it worked! :sparkling_heart: :gift_heart:

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i tried to add my own background and i got an error. 15%20PM

are you sure you spelled right?

sorry. i forgot i re-submitted it because i wasnt sure if how i spelled it the first time. sorry! :sweat_smile:

happens to everyone :relaxed:

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is there any way I can make music fade out?