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Use image resizer online, plenty of them :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m trying to use an overlay but it always appears in the wrong zone




What’s going on?



You are missing the word spot before your numbers. And I don’t think you can walk to a layer. You will have to move them to the layer.
@CHARACTER moves to layer #


how do you make a character walk to a specific position ? 35%20PM


@CHAR walks to spot here you put the specific spot

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I wrote that but it didn’t work lol.


Can I see what you wrote?


yeah, sure.


i want them to walk into this scene from their desk.


You have the word spot missing

@EMBER walks to spot 1.500 -88 -44 AND EMBER is walk_neutral AND BELLA walks to spot 1.500 -106

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its still not working lol. :woman_facepalming:t5:


I’m not sure what the issue is then :thinking:


me either :joy: ive also tried using & and it still didn’t work

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thank you!


What’s exactly doesn’t work? :thinking:


Hey so I have been wondering if my iPad stops working and I want to switch my episode acc to another device how do I do it. ps the Ipad won’t turn on so I pretty much can’t log out


if your on the app i guess you would just delete it and put it on the new device. it shouldn’t effect your stories or anything as long as you know your password. I hope that helped :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know how to loop an overlay to rotate 360 infinitely? (until the next scene change) I want it to also move. Help!