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Quick question that I hope someone responds as soon as they can, because I don’t wanna have to create a new account. And yes, it’s probably the dumbest question of them all here.

I get that you can’t delete stories (unfortunately, makes me twice as careful to not press “create story” by accident). But only the stories you CHOOSE to be published, will be published by Episode, correct? Or is it going to be ALL stories they automatically publish?

All of my stories are for the most part blank. Which is why I don’t want blank stories to show up in my account, or test drive stories for scripting.

How does the publish thing even work? There is no option to publish on the Episode Interactive page for your work. I assume it only shows up when you have at least minimum 3 episodes of your story???

Nothing will be published unless you press the button for publishing. So don’t worry about that, and yes you have to have 3 episodes to be able to publish the story :slight_smile:

Ok another slightly dumb question, but this one is for me to prevent getting in trouble:

For uploading a custom background/overlay, it says in the checkbox agreement thing that “i agree that this content is mine” blah blah blah. For either, it’s not actually mine, but someone else’s. I want to give them credit during the story. How do I go on about this?

Can I just upload and give credit during the story/said scene/overlays as dialogue? Or does Episode automatically remove/ban me/penalize for it?

EDIT: dammit I accidentally pressed yeah to the agreement, well I’m screwed lol.

Yes, give the credit to the author somewhere in the story :blush: it should be fine!

Oh okay good… How long does it even take for approval?

Usually a few days :slight_smile: but you can start working on it straight away but you won’t be able to publish.

Sorry for a late answer!

Just use:
@HEAVENLY is punch_jab AND ACE is dodge_rear

When you’re using starts the action is not completed because it’s going straight away to the dialogue

How do you get a character to stand in front of someone, like my characters are dancing but the male character is doing dance_slow_rear and standing behind the Female character

You have to use layers for that…

I started writing my first a couple weeks ago started on the episode app, then continued on portal but when ever I try editing on the app nothing I’ve done on portal shows up in the editing on the app.

I’ve updated the app and I’ve restarted my phone, I’ve saved my progress on portal and still nothing changes on the app, am I missing something?

You say that you started a story in the episode app, then you decided to write your story and when you want to see it, you can’t?

You can’t mixed an episode app story with a portal story, i think. When you go to your “Create” section in the app, you can see “Editable stories” (your stories in the app) and “Playable stories” (your stories on the portal)

i have seen many is using like a bar that comes up at the top of the screen ( i have seen some have used it to credit someone) how do you do that?

readerMessage And write what you want here
Is that the right thing? :thinking:

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Is there a way to play two things at once, like two sounds?


You could use one sound with the music function and the other with the sound function.

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Ok, I’ll try that :slight_smile:

It worked, thanks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Question on approval:

How long does it take…? Or how long does it take for you?

This is more of a cautious than dumb question. Has anyone ever been denied overlays/backgrounds that they uploaded to their account?

I just hope it doesn’t take forever if I do end up publishing my story. And I also don’t want the work of others go for nothing if it was never approved? I’d feel pretty bad about it lol

It’s like an even combination of “GDI, I don’t wanna have to use another overlay or fix the entire script” BUT also “someone made this for me and their energy was wasted cuz of the stupid website” :frowning:

hey, so i added customization to my character,on the computer it looks great, however when i test it on the phone the bubbles are blocking the face… how do i fix this problem

Hi everyone

I’m new in writing, but love the directing part. So I did my first 6 chapters, but I think my story doesn’t go too well, when I reread it more often…

Every story I read before (and believe me, there were tons of stories :wink: ), there was a topic, cliff hanger, tension and so much crazy good stuff. I don’t know how to add in my story :’(

Is there someone, who can tell me how to write a story chapter by chapter?
Is there a summary or anything else?

Thanks for your support.

Love regards