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ok thanks ill do that before I try to start anything else. thanks for the help its greatly appreciated

Can someone help, I’m trying to make a short video clip for Instagram but idk how.

There’s many apps in the store that you can try it out and make something (I personally don’t have any experience so I can’t suggest you anything)
I would suggest you to post this question in resources section. :wink:

Ok thanks

hi, i wanna start writing my own story. Right now i m learning how to write a story. My question is how i use overlays and backgrounds that are not the ones original from the game. I m sorry if it s a stupid question but i really wanna know how to use them

Here this will help you with overlays-

And for your own backgrounds you have to upload them into the web portal…
When you open your story you will see options at the top and one of the options would be “ART CATALOG” click over it . Then there will be backgrounds there will be a small box Saying-

Backgrounds: Available for ALL Stories

Click on it and then two options will appear click on the second one and then a page page will appear in which something like this

“Select Image”

Would be written click on it and you will be able to upload your own background…

I hope this helps you @carla_georgia

Thank you so much !!

Glad I could be of help!

So im trying to use a blush overlay and I spotted it to where I wanted it to be, but everytime I review the episode, it doesnt show up. Can someone help?

Be sure to preview it on the phone app. If you still have issues, post your overlay code

EXT. CAMPUS GARDEN - DAY with RED COP LIGHT to 0.117 59 312
@RINA changes into CASUAL
@cut to zone 3
@RINA spot 0.965 190 293 in zone 3
@RINA is idle_sit_ankles_crossed AND RINA faces right
@pause for a beat
@ROSS spot 0.659 65 320 AND ROSS walks to spot 0.659 81 251 in 3 AND ROSS does it while walk_exhausted AND ROSS faces right
@ROSS is talk_exhausted
@pause for a beat
@speechbubble is 156 233 to 100% with tail_top_left
ROSS (think)
(Is that… Rina?)
@pause for a beat
ROSS (idle_awkward)
@pause for a beat
@zoom on 844 210 to 280% in 0
@zoom on 847 568 to 280% in 5
@pause for a beat
@zoom on 700 333 to 500% in 0
@overlay RED COP LIGHT shifts to 59 312
@overlay RED COP LIGHT scales to 0.117 0.117
@ROSS is idle_awkward
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat

You switch to zone 3 after adding the overlay so you have to put the overlay on zone 3

EXT. CAMPUS GARDEN - DAY with RED COP LIGHT to 0.117 59 312 in zone 3

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I am on android trying to write a story on episodes. I don’t have computer access, and I would like to know how to add music and make my characters hug and kiss from my mobile can you help me out please? Sincerely, babyblu

Unfortunately, you can’t add music on mobile creation.

For hug and kiss use a proper animation and change facing of your character. (Red circle) change layer if your character is not in front of kissed character (yellow circle) also move your character close to the other character using your fingers.

Hey I added in the zone 3 and tried to redo the shifting and all that, but it still doesnt work. It doesnt show up when its supposed to

When is suppose to show up? Immediately?

after male mc is idle_awkward or at the same time as he does that animation

Oh ok, well then you can’t add in the overlay with the background. It has to be a separate command.

Here’s a guide on overlay animation:

ohh okay thank you

Do you know where I can let the readers change more than just the basic features that episode gives us like if they can change the hair into more styles, skin color, lip color, lips, eye, etc I see oter authors use it with golden choices??