"Stupid" questions that never get answered? Get The Help Here!

You can’t see your story in the portal or your Web Preview is not working?

You can give a shoutout with the reader message (the bubble dropping from the top and stays on screen about 5 seconds)

readerMessage Shoutout goes to…

To give an option to pick a name:
input What’s Your Name?|What’s Your Name?|Done(NAME)

Inside the ( ) put script name of your character so the chosen name appear everywhere (make sure the display name is the same)

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Not working in my story. :frowning:

What exactly is not working?

Hey @Apes What is the name of the animation when a man sweeps away something from himself. I hope u’ll understand

Is this for INK?

If yes try: talk_pound_chest

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@Apes Limelight

Hmm… I’m not sure then. Have a look on LL index HERE or preview the animations in the library, the newest updated lets you preview a few animations at the same time :slight_smile:

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It might be dustoff_neutral_loop

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Thanks @RudeInception, @Apes I found

Hi I’m new here and I have probably stupid questions! :thinking:

  1. Can I design my own Outfits and use them in my episodes? (and in character settings like a new hairstyle etc.)
  2. Can I ask for payment when I do commissions here? (drawing scenes or characters)

thanks for the help!


  1. You can definitely make up an outfit out of the clothing options that exist but you can’t upload your own clothing art.
  2. You can’t ask for payment if the art includes Episode designs, for example characters or character likeness. Since the style belongs to Epsiode Interactive, charging money isn’t allowed.
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It’s still in zone 1… What’s going on? I even put “@pan to zone 2” and “@cut to zone 2” to establish the placement of the overlays…

Can you copy and paste your script here?


@transition fade in red
@pan to zone 2
Cruelty of Ice: Episode 2
@transition fade out
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
@transition iris out
@pan to zone 3
@DEREK enters from right to upscreen left
&DEREK starts idle_awkward
@SAVANNAH enters from right to screen center
@pan to zone 2
@MELISSA enters from left to screen right
@follow MELISSA to screen left in zone 3
&SAVANNAH starts arms_crossed_angry
What do you say?
choice “Get out!” {

    SAVANNAH (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
Get out of here, Mel!

} “Can you mind your own business?” {

    SAVANNAH (talk_angry_defensive)
Keep your nose out of my business for once!


    MELISSA (talk_startled)
What did you just say to me?!
    DEREK (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
She just told you to leave.
    MELISSA (talk_angry_stubborn)
Who was talking to you?!
    DEREK (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
No one. But stop screaming like a mad woman, please.

@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
MELISSA (talk_angry)
Let’s go, Savannah. You’re already in deep trouble.
&SAVANNAH starts frustrated
@MELISSA exits left
SAVANNAH (wave_extreme)
Bye, Derek!
Let’s go, Vanna!
@SAVANNAH exits left
&DEREK starts admire
Vanna. A beautiful nickname, for a beautiful girl.
I’d already fallen for her, and very hard.
@DEREK exits right
@transition iris out
@pan to zone 2
@MELISSA enters from left to screen left
@SAVANNAH enters from left to screen center
MELISSA (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
Get in.
@SAVANNAH exits right AND SAVANNAH does it while walk_scared_offset
@MELISSA exits right
@transition iris out
@pan to zone 2
A while later, after a tongue-lashing from Carla…
@SAVANNAH enters from left to screen center
&SAVANNAH starts arms_crossed_angry
SAVANNAH (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
I can’t believe I’m grounded for another 3 days.
Why can’t I just live my life?
@pan to zone 3
@PAMELA enters from right to upscreen right
PAMELA (talk_handsonhips)
Yes, Savannah… Starting today, your life is going downhill.
&PAMELA starts laugh_guffaw
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
@PAMELA exits right
@cut to zone 2
&SAVANNAH starts shocked
@follow SAVANNAH to screen center in zone 3
SAVANNAH (talk_think)
Did someone come in?
(Hmm, must be me hearing things again.)
&SAVANNAH starts think
@transition iris out
@transition iris in
@pan to zone 3
@PAMELA enters from left to screen center
&PAMELA starts yawn_bored
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
PAMELA (talk_arms_crossed_loop)
I can’t wait for him to come home!
PAMELA (talk_excited)
I’m so excited!
PAMELA (talk_forward)
I know you are, Pam.
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
sound door_close
volume sound 30 4000
PAMELA (talk_happy_smile)
He’s here!
&PAMELA starts dustoff_loop
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
@PAMELA changes into Elegant
@PAMELA walks to back left in zone 3
PAMELA (talk_call_out)
I’m coming!
@PAMELA exits right
@pan to zone 3
@DEREK enters from left to screen center
&DEREK starts blush
DEREK (talk_happy_smile)
She is amazing. Already, I’ve fallen in love with her.
(I’m gonna ask her out soon.)
@transition fade out
@pan to zone 2
The next day, after school…
@CLARA enters from left to screen center
@CLARA faces left
@AMBER enters from left to screen left
@CLARA moves to layer -1
&CLARA starts kiss_cheek_give AND AMBER starts kiss_cheek_receive
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
CLARA (talk_happy_smile)
No one should be able to see us here.
readerMessage Clara is bisexual, NOT a lesbian.
AMBER (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
Why are you hiding this? You should be proud, not ashamed!
&CLARA starts shush
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
CLARA (talk_angry_defensive)
Someone will hear you!
AMBER (talk_angry_accuse)
This is my last straw with you! I’m sick of hiding our relationship with you.
AMBER (talk_angry)
Every fucking time I try to talk to you about making our relationship public…
You just shut me up!
AMBER (talk_angry_accuse)
You say-
AMBER (talk_airquotes)
“Shh! Someone will hear us!”
AMBER (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
Who, Clara Rosanna Vasquez? Who?!
CLARA (talk_sad_timid)
I’m so sorry, Amber…
AMBER (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
You’ve said that far too many times.
Plus, your mean girl attitude is a “no” for me.
AMBER (talk_angry_accuse)
I’m done with your bullshit!
@AMBER exits left AND AMBER does it while walk_trudge
CLARA (talk_call_out)
Amber! You don’t mean that!
CLARA (cry_sniff_loop)
@CLARA exits left AND CLARA does it while run_cry
@transition fade out
INT. INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN OL - DAY with TABLE SIMPLE in zone 2 with CAKE DINING SET in zone 2 with BLACK COFFEE in zone 2 with CREAM COFFEE in zone 2
@pan to zone 2
@overlay TABLE SIMPLE shifts to -11 -3
@overlay TABLE SIMPLE scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay 5373538567847936_BLACK COFFEE shifts to -200 30
@overlay 5373538567847936_BLACK COFFEE scales to 0.748 0.748
@overlay 5373538567847936_CAKE DINING SET shifts to -281 -30
@overlay 5373538567847936_CAKE DINING SET scales to 0.622 0.622
@overlay 5373538567847936_CREAM COFFEE shifts to 42 60
@overlay 5373538567847936_CREAM COFFEE scales to 0.604 0.604
@STEPHANIE stands back far left
@pan to zone 1
@STEPHANIE changes into Maid
@STEPHANIE changes hair into Messy Back Bun
@cut to zone 2
&STEPHANIE starts tinker_loop_rear
@DEREK enters from left to screen center
@DEREK faces left
@MRS WALTER enters from left to screen left
MRS WALTER (talk_call_out)
Steffi! Are you done yet?
STEPHANIE (talk_happy_agree)
Yes, Mistress.
&STEPHANIE starts curtsey
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
DEREK (talk_happy_smile)
So, Mom, I have a question…

hmm… why don’t you add overlays to the background? It would be easier, but if you want to do it like that just add zone to shift command

@overlay TABLE SIMPLE shifts to -11 -3 in zone 2

OK. Thank you, I’ll try that

Wow, it worked!

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It won’t preview in neither area i think it’s possibly I have the codes messed up tho cause I didn’t not do the personalized name that way lol I tried to do it another way … Anyways I was thinking about what you showed me about doing 2 stories and I do have a question about it first I noticed there’s not as many backgrounds clothes overlays etc on mobile so how would be the best way to insert things on web portal if that makes sense?