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Make sure you’re using google chrome for the web preview. If you have any errors coming up just delete them or post it here so we can see what’s up :wink:

And you can put outfits/backgrounds whenever you want. Even if the scene is already made you can change it to a different one, you can pretty much change everything if you want.

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Hey everyone! I have another problem: after my clothing choices everything starts again. After one choice goes another from the previous customisation. What’s wrong? Maybe I can’t have two customisations in one episode?

So what would be the best way to add customization of character to it?? I have the interview I wanted completed on mobile app and I know that you can’t do that there so do I copy and paste it then and cc on web browser right and skip that on cell or how would you do that? Sorry I would love to get this done before I yank my hair out lol

Hi thanks for the answers but I’m still kinda confused sorry (english isn’t my first language so I maybe just didn’t understand it right)

So I drew an example of what I would want to get paid for if someone commission me. (this isn’t my usual artstyle and sorry that I’m so stupid lol) Is this allowed or is selling stuff in general not allowed here?


thanks and sorry :sweat_smile:

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First of all, awesome drawing! Super cool, babes.
Second, looks like original work but your inspo comes from an Episode character art and Episode clothing art. Not sure if you can really get away with selling it on another platform, but definitely not on here.


So I have a character and she is supposed to be behind the other character but she is overlapping her. How do I bring her back behind the character?

So either bring froward character x
or bring back character y

Gotta change the layer of the character using the command:

@CHAR moves to layer #

For example, if you want CHAR1 to be in front of CHAR2, then move CHAR1 to a layer above CHAR2

@CHAR1 moves to layer 0
@CHAR2 moves to layer 1

the google chrome was the problem btw thanks. now its not showing but the original story its not showing the one made on the phone that i copy from??

I’m trying to do the earthquake/shake effect i see when characters scream. Anyone have a template?

I have 2 questions to ask if someone can help me. 1: How do you make 2 characters that start running from opposite ends and they crash into eachother and stand up??? 2: How do you make characters talk when they’re asleep without causing a glitch

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How many episodes did you created on mobile?

  1. Example:
    @CHAR1 enters from left to screen center AND CHAR2 enters from right to screen center THEN CHAR1 is faint AND CHAR2 is run_fall
    @pause for a beat
    @CHAR1 stands screen left AND CHAR1 is stand_up AND CHAR2 stands screen right AND CHAR2 is stand_up

Add facing or change the animations if you want but it would look similar to this

  1. What glitch are you experiencing?

Here’s my spot cheat sheet for beds

THANK YOU SO MUCH and it was just getting the character on camera and spotting <333

@Apes i have done maybe a half to almost whole episode wasnt sure if i should do the whole thing if i want to add the template for customization of 2 main characters? if i do that on copy one will it keep the customization if i dont have that on mobile app?? i dont want to let them customize and it not stay that way aas what follows will mostly be done on phone except what cant be

so updated the webpage well refreshed it as im out of mind and forgot to do that and bingo its there now. but still dont know about cc?

Fixed the above now it’s this?

For sure if you add customisation the character will stay for the readers as they created them (unless you’ll change something after it)

I can see you have labels issues. It’s because you’re missing label female_custom1 and the other one probably missing goto label.

I would delete the customisation and try again :slight_smile:

Ok I did got that fixed now how to make her leave the screen lol. I’m not gonna change her the only thing I’m gonna do is write with almost similar looking character on mobile. Anyways it works except every command I put in for her to walk off it says it has to have xyz or something in it but I’m looking at the guide you referred me to

@CHARACTER exits left (or right)

Or by using directing helper place your character offscreen and make it walk to spot

@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y

More about spot walking here

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