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ok ill try it! thanks

ok so if i copy what u said to use @Apes she disappears off the screen as soon as u click this is perfect but if i type it in it says that its an error to use xyz or something in the command? help cause i cant figure out numbers lol i just want her to walk off while her bff/boycrush comes in right after?

this a dumb question but I noticed some stories use speech bubbles with outlines blue
some purple
some red. how do I do this?

Can you post your error?

It may be because the number but sooner or later you have to learn how to use spot directing :smiley:

I’ve not seen red :thinking: can you give an example/ picture?


lol i know im trying it is the number so im just gonna go back to finish chapter on mobile then deal with it after my mind isnt crazy from all the new info. thanks again im starting to get the hang of it without the mobile as im figuring out overlays etc slowly really slowly lol… if i cant get i tomorrow ill post the error. well ima get on the ball

sorry but what is best way for choices web or mobile?? gonna start with easy then get a little harder as i have no clue how to do big ones

Take your time and don’t stress :slight_smile: It took me a few months to learn. I have no idea how to make choices on mobile so I can’t really say which way is better.

Simple choice:

“Option One”{
#scene here

}“Option Two”{
#scene here

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ok that looks easier than what you do on mobile i want to start with simple choices and lead into stuff like go with him or stay here etc just have to figure out how to do 2 different decision branches right? each choice do you have to make separate branches for even simple? at least on mobile it does

“Go with him”{

#scene for this choice here

}“Stay here”{

#scene for this choice here


That’s the easiest way :slight_smile:

awesome thanks its harder on mobile so ill be on web with this::grin:

thank you . ill probably ask how too add pages later so i can grow as a story coder but im just learning so im gonna try the zoom thing

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Hello! Does anyone knows how to rotate an overlay?

Here’s a guide on animating overlays:

There’s a section on Rotating Overlays

amazing!! Thank you so much!

How do you do the arrow buttoms

Arrow buttons?


I don’t understand. Can you elaborate?

never mind I found how do it I ment this


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