Stupid random zoom out

random zoom out, how do I get rid of it?:

INT. SIXES AND NINES BAR - DAY with SIXES AND NINES BAR to 1.089 -17 -13 in zone 1 at layer 1

@add Red Cup to BACKGROUND33
@add Red Cup to BACKGROUND1
@add Red Cup to BACKGROUND5
@add Red Cup to NEWSLADY
@add Red Cup to BACKGROUND7
@add Red Cup to BACKGROUND9

@reset hsl in 0

@cut to zone 1

@overlay GUITAR create
@overlay GUITAR opacity 1 in 0
@overlay GUITAR shifts to 161 293 in zone 3
@overlay GUITAR scales to 0.322 0.322
@overlay GUITAR moves to layer 2
@overlay GUITAR rotates -75 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0

@remove NEWSLADY

@overlay RED CUP to layer 5

&BACKGROUND28 spot 0.552 190 287 in zone 1 AND BACKGROUND28 moves to layer 0 AND BACKGROUND28 starts tinker_loop_rear AND BACKGROUND28 faces left AND BACKGROUND7 faces left AND BACKGROUND7 spot 0.835 210 41 in zone 1 AND BACKGROUND7 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND7 starts talk_neutral AND BACKGROUND7 faces right AND BGC6 spot 0.835 293 28 in zone 1 AND BGC6 moves to layer 3 AND BGC6 starts nod_loop AND BGC6 faces left AND BACKGROUND33 spot 0.438 169 311 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND33 faces right AND BACKGROUND33 starts talk_sit AND BACKGROUND33 moves to layer 0 AND BACKGROUND1 spot 0.482 65 282 in zone 1 AND BACKGROUND1 faces right AND BACKGROUND1 starts idle_sit_ankles_crossed AND BACKGROUND1 moves to layer 1 AND BACKGROUND2 spot 0.44 118 319 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND2 starts idle_sit_slouch AND BACKGROUND2 moves to layer 2 AND BACKGROUND2 faces right AND BACKGROUND3 spot 0.464 212 309 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND3 faces right AND BACKGROUND3 starts idle_sit_ankles_crossed AND BACKGROUND3 moves to layer 1 AND BACKGROUND4 spot 0.481 266 311 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND4 faces right AND BACKGROUND4 starts idle_sit_ankles_crossed AND BACKGROUND4 moves to layer 1 AND BACKGROUND5 spot 0.636 206 166 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND5 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND5 starts nod_loop AND BACKGROUND5 faces left AND BACKGROUND6 spot 0.572 150 177 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND6 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND6 starts talk_neutral_deny AND BACKGROUND6 faces right AND BACKGROUND9 spot 0.835 307 7 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND9 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND9 starts dance_phone_raise_loop AND BACKGROUND9 faces right AND BACKGROUND10 spot 0.771 50 98 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND10 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND10 starts dance_phone_raise_loop AND BACKGROUND10 faces right AND NIX spot 0.478 179 348 in zone 3 AND NIX moves to layer 1 AND NIX faces left AND NIX starts play_airguitar_loop AND BACKGROUND11 spot 0.835 113 -75 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND11 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND11 starts dance_phone_raise_loop AND BACKGROUND11 faces right AND BACKGROUND13 spot 0.578 282 232 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND13 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND13 starts dance_hands_up_loop AND BACKGROUND13 faces right AND BFF2 spot 0.578 154 205 in zone 3 AND BFF2 moves to layer 2 AND BFF2 is dance_kpop AND BFF2 faces left AND BACKGROUND15 spot 0.579 45 245 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND15 moves to layer 1 AND BACKGROUND15 starts dance_drop_it AND BACKGROUND15 faces right AND BACKGROUND16 spot 0.579 210 182 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND16 moves to layer 1 AND BACKGROUND16 starts dance_groove_loop AND BACKGROUND16 faces right

@BACKGROUND7 spot 0.835 376 38 AND BGC6 walks to spot 0.835 376 38 AND JANE spot 0.569 124 247 AND JANE moves to layer 2 AND JANE faces right

@zoom on 164 317 to 339% in 0

&JANE is sit

@JANE is read_phone_shocked

    BACKGROUND28 (talk_doubtful)
Can I get my phone back?

is this the zoom your talking about? or like when the scene starts the zoom is out and when the character is talking it zooms in on the character.

the zoom out

@reset zoom?

are u talking about that? :point_up_2:


ok, add @zoom reset to your script to go full screen.

I don’t want it to go full screen and there is no @zoom reset

I’m sorry I wasn’t clear earlier

ok, be a little more clear on how u want the scene to be, what do u want the scene to show first?

the zoom in where the characters are and then out?

the zoom in where the characters are

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so you wan to have the zoom already on the start of the scene?

than you have to use & to all happening on the begining of the scene.

Also it is matter of what you are used to but making such long lines using AND is big source of mistakes you will not be able to find them if you make there one mystypo…
you can have the same efect using & and having shorter lines which are easier to check if mistake happens or change if needed

all with & will happen with @ under it

so if you want to have the zoom on the begining of the scene

&zoom on ### to ### in 0
&CHARACTER1 spot # AND CHARACTER1 moves to layer ###
&CHARACTER2 spot # AND CHARACTER2 moves to layer ###
@CHARACTER3 spot # AND CHARACTER3 moves to layer ###
@CHARACTER1 walks to spot ######

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