STUPID SMART QUESTION, that need answering


Yeah, see I pretty much know all the stuff on episode, but gains can you guys show me an example of how to use it a choice?



Thanks so much, I appreciate your helpfulness:wink:


Hello there! I somehow can always find everything I need to know on my own but I jut can’t find this anywhere or figure it out on my own. How the heck do I make character stand on the top off screen with character’s head down? English isn’t my main laguage so idk how should I say it easier way. Please help! I’m starting to be really depressed!


Use negatives :slight_smile: for example:

@CHARACTER spot -1.280 123 345


OMG why didn’t I think of that? I used negatives on everythig just not on scale. Thank you so much!


hey , how can you put characters in different layers ?


Check this out:


heyy I wanna know how am I suppose to look on the choices in my story if I wanna see what readers picked. Is it even possible to look into that?


It depends what are you using your write your story


if you dont mind me asking, what do you mean by that?


Are you on a laptop


yep, and tablet too


Okay use the script template


oh so if I won’t use it and I’ll write the choices myself I won’t be able to see it?


you can’t see what readers picked unfortunately, but if you have a social media account you can always make a poll in there, or in the app if you have a feed feature


Ok then. Thank you❤