STUPID SMART QUESTION, that need answering


Yeah, see I pretty much know all the stuff on episode, but gains can you guys show me an example of how to use it a choice?



Thanks so much, I appreciate your helpfulness:wink:


Hello there! I somehow can always find everything I need to know on my own but I jut can’t find this anywhere or figure it out on my own. How the heck do I make character stand on the top off screen with character’s head down? English isn’t my main laguage so idk how should I say it easier way. Please help! I’m starting to be really depressed!


Use negatives :slight_smile: for example:

@CHARACTER spot -1.280 123 345


OMG why didn’t I think of that? I used negatives on everythig just not on scale. Thank you so much!


hey , how can you put characters in different layers ?


Check this out: