Stupid things people say to someone with PTSD

Since I made a post about the stupid things people say to someone with autism, I thought I can make a thread about stupid things people say to someone with PTSD. I’m sure we can all relate because people are so disrespectful to anyone with PTSD. So here we go:

  • Get over it!

  • It’s not that bad

  • It’s all in your head

  • How bad could it have been?

  • Why are you so uptight?

  • What did you expect if you (insert any victim blaming comment you can think of)?

  • It’s in the past, just move on

  • Only veterans can get PTSD. Your trauma isn’t that bad!

  • Stop using PTSD as an excuse

  • It’s not like you’ve been to the army though

I swear people think that only veterans can get PTSD when anyone can get PTSD from any traumatic event such as: childhood abuse, domestic abuse, rape, sex trafficking, loss of family member or friend, being bullied at school/work/family gatherings, any event you can think of.

What have other people said to you to dismiss you? Please let me know.


they do that with most mental illness. most of my family always act shock when the mention of my depression comes up even though everyone has been told.

and won’t believe i have it cause they always see me happy

I also get told sometimes I can’t use autism as an excuse. I dont I remind them I have it when I am in a situation i can’t handle because of it

I talked with a teacher about it ones she said that it is hard to for people to understand that other people struggle with something they self can do easy


Here’s another that I have heard a lot
“Stop bringing these white people illnesses into this house”
I’ve never gone through it but I’ve heard it so many times that it really breaks my heart


WTF that is messed up. What has skin colour got to do with mental illness? Anyone can get it. Whoever said that needs their butt kicked!


Honestly!!! A lot of people will be like “you’re black, you don’t suffer from these problems” like first of all, mental illness does not care about your skin colour and second of all, who are you to tell someone what they can and cannot get?


I know how exactly how that feels tbh. I was told by relatives (I’m Asian btw) that I can’t be autistic and Asian. WTF!!


“It’s all in the past you just gotta move on.” Like I’m sorry it’s kinda hard to just move on with my life especially when I have episodes in my life that sets me off. “Others been through worse, and had no support.” Ik that but still it’s hard on me yeah someone may have been through something bigger then me but it’s me ya know and it’s what I have to deal with in life.


I hate when people say that. Not everyone is the same. What injuries me may kill someone else and people need to understand that


Tell me about it! How can you forget something this traumatic when it plays in your head 24/7?


It makes me so mad when people say that. And when people say,

'Ooh tell me what happened to make you like this, spill the teaaaa!"


‘Just talk to me about it, it can’t be that hard, I mean you’re not reliving it, you’re only talking about it.’

Like, I can’t talk about it without getting flashbacks and tearing up and even as I write this I’m starting to tear up. People need to do their research, or even better, they should get mental health talks in school.


Oh my chocolate yes! Honestly that’s so annoying to hear! Then they go in a full story about their troubles and how it’s bigger then yours :roll_eyes:


Right?! Like I went through something really traumatic and I was crying all day and in my class and had a panic attack and I’ve been trying to get through it but somedays aren’t too good and I hate when people tell me ehhhh you’ll be fine and blah blah like yeah people always say the same mess but never really wanna help or talk. Then I’m the bad girl for bringing it up that’s hurting me


Tell me about it. It doesn’t even help when people find it amusing when you’re pissed off either!

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Tell me about it.

People like that are the reason why I prefer to keep to myself most of the time.


Them: “Just get over it, it’s in the past. The past is the past, you know? And like, come on, that’s not even something to be traumatised over. At least you had friends and parents. Some people in Africa are sold as slaves away from their family. I mean, your ‘trauma’ is hardly significant.”

Me: gets annoyed

Them: “Jeez, dOn’T bE sO sEnSiTiVe.”


I’ll never understand why people have to bring the poor people in Africa as a way to guilt trip anyone. It’s just pathetic.


Same like that’s why sometimes I just like to joke with people and not even fully talk about my feelings anymore


I know how you feel

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But I’ve been getting a little bad lately so I’ve been talking more but now I’m actually okay now so yayyy :joy:

-Moving past what happened can benefit you and whatever this PTSD thing you have will go away
-This trauma therapy thing will help you move past it/make you less upset about it and will definitely help you forget
-So tell me what happened
-Are you okay?
-you’re fine
-you’re knee is fine theres nothing wrong with it

These are just things I’ve heard a ton

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