Stupid things we did as kids

Oh wow, that’s so interesting :sob:

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I thought the salt on those pretzel chips was Parmesan cheese

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As a kid like 5 years old, I really wanted to be on Disney on Ice and I ran around my Nannys room thinking that I would be the next talented Disney preformer and whacked my head into her fireplace. I actually still have the stiches just slightly above my eyebrow to this day.

No wonder when I play Episode, I always go for the eyebrow with the scar :joy:

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I used to play WWE like stunts with my brother :joy:

I bit the wheels off of toy vehicles such as Hot Wheels and Matchbox. You really shouldn’t do that because it’s bad for your teeth.

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i was kind of a dare devil as a kid so i would do whatever my sister told me to do or js copy whatever she did (shes younger ). so i saw her cut her hair on the side of her bed and i was like “oh i wanna cut my hair too!” so i cut my hair and the left length of my hair was on my shoulder and the other was up to my waist.

Happy Birthday! I hope its great! :yay: :yay:

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