STYLE: Anime Style


We already have Classic, Ink, and Limelight… But I was thinking, how cool would it be to have an anime style!!

Anime Art Style?

Imagine that. :sweat_smile:




Um, no thank you




BRUH if you hate anime then leave!


I thought about this when they teased LL and i would love it.


I would love anime characters, so I support this!

It sucks that a lot of people don’t like anime. It’s an artstyle, not a genre. Anime can be, horrifying, action packed, comedic, romantic, and more just like live-action films.

The anime artstyle target audience can range from age 0-to-100, depending on the person and what anime or films in general they would like to watch. I saw guts ripped out if a character in an anime, and I also saw what a normal school life would be like in an anime.

The possibilities of genres in this artstyle are endless, but are so under-appreciated that it IS worth Episode looking into. A bunch of people watch anime, it would be an incredible way to bring anime-lovers here.


My art-style ranges from realistic to cartoon (mostly J-anime). It would be nice for my EI characters to actually look like their images in my story.


That would be such a great looking art style. It would be perfect to make some great stories! And it would look so much better than some of the current styles episode has.


IT would be ok, but i think that animations would be more…Stock than Anime actually being animated. Like how episode usually makes their animations, it your ok with that then it is a great idea!


Definitely! I would love that since I specialize in drawing anime Characters!


it’d probably depend on what kind of anime since episode can kinda be classified as anime characters as well in some way.


sound fun :hugs::yum:


It would be best to use the usual mobile otome style. They would be easier to use as far as animations for them. The styles are mostly simple like my profile pic. Although, I spice mines up a little. Lol


I love anime!! I am better at anime, but I’ve recently figured out to DRAW episode character!!!


Yasssss I do NOT know how to draw epi characters.


I know how to now, and I am so proud of myself!!!




Yesss! The would be great! I’ve always thought about it but never mention it.