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Of course I would love that ANIME i LOVE IT…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


SUPPORT all the way!


YES! That would be so cool


To be honest, I’m against this. This also came up on the old forums once and I expressed my disagreement, so I will do so once more.

I feel like the anime style is something that is more a part of Japanese culture and we should respect that. Bringing it on Episdoe I feel like will begin a process of “Americanizing” the style. I can see why many people would disagree with me here, which I totally understand! It’s hard to explain for me, plus we all view things differently. I also think that Episode should try to do its own thing rather than use the anime style. Like I said before, but it’s hard to explain how I feel towards Episode using the anime style. I just feel like it’s also unoriginal of them?

This could be a total personal feeling with no legitimate reason, but I’m against it. Don’t get me wrong either- I’m a big anime fan. I love the stories and the way the animation is done. I absolutely adore the 2D animation style. It may not be too much of a stretch to say that I may be one of the biggest anime fans on here. But, sorry I just don’t want to imagine Episode like that.


Yeah dude. I remember seeing that thread (and a bunch of duplicates) and I was gonna be like, oh that’s not so good of an idea, but there were a bunch of people who were really coming down and yelling at people who were against it for hating anime so I scooted out of there. Yeah sure, anime’s alright, but my main gripes are that anime already has been westernized. It’s sorta taken over Japanese culture as a whole, yknow? I think episode should go their own ways style-wise. Also I can’t really say that I like the way anime looks most of the time, specially in those how to draw manga books. NGE is probably one of my favorite shows of all time though.


I’m glad someone here understands me! Honestly, if people started going against me and saying that I hated anime I’d be laughing my ass off. Although I agree with you, I’m not sure what you mean by anime has been westernized and taken over a Japanese culture as a whole. Is this the same thing as saying that anime has become the western world’s view of the Japanese culture?

In that case, I’d also like to express my dislike for those who do base off all their knowledge of Japan from anime or weeaboos. I feel like people need to actually get up and learn about the Japanese culture and be respectful if they are going to go around acting like they’re experts.

I personally love how anime looks- new and old. I’m actually thinking of using one of those how to draw manga books soon as well. :joy: But, everyone has their own preferences. NGE is pretty old and I’ve yet to watch it. The list of anime to watch is too long… But, I’ve heard good things about it!


I love anime and agree with this idea, but you have a valid point. Episode has it’s original style and is technically already a version of anime all on its own - an American-style anime vs a Japanese-style. To add a style, like the one suggested, would seem kind of like copy catting and many people most likely wouldnt use it the way anime lovers are used to. It has it’s own culture that shouldnt be tarnished, so you are right about that.

The only reason I agree with the idea is because, even in Japan, anime and people who love anime are looked down upon by a lot of people. It’s an under appreciated art-style, you know what I mean? So, I thought bringing it to episode only for the people who do love it… well, it could be another way for people to unapologetically express themselves and be themselves. It could be a way to show people that you can like whatever you want and no one should tell you otherwise kind of thing. It’s the same as what the LGBT+ and poc’s try to teach - to be loved and respected to be ourselves. In this case, it’s more minor than those two major ones though.

Still, I get your point too. It makes a lot of sense.


I love the idea, but the chances of them adding it are highly unlikely.
They just released Ll :confused:


I support! I always wanted to make a Pokémon story but only INK kinda matched for it.


Well, I’m in the middle of agreeing and disagreeing with you. If I may, let me explain.

Anime is basically Japanese animation, similar to how Disney is an American animation company. Both are associated to their country of origin, so I agree with you that anime is part of the Japanese culture, and I understand your fear of it being “Americanized.” But at the same time, remember the show “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” and its spinoff “The Legend of Korra?” Both shows were animated in an anime style, and both were American shows. Both shows were a success, despite being “Americanized.”

I’m just saying that I think Episode should have this style, since I am an anime fan, but it’s entirely up to the user to decide how it should be used. If they tend to Americanize it during the beta stages, then Episode can shut it down right then and there. Like, I said before, I’m in the middle of agreeing and disagreeing. I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense, this is the best I could put it.

Also, anime is short for animation. Although it has Japanese roots, it doesn’t actually mean it has to always be from Japan.







I would love that but for now I just do character edits.
Check them out!
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This would be an awesome style to have ^^






I love anime but I don’t think this will be a very good idea :confused:


OMG yes yes yes

I love Anime it would be so cool


I think it’s a great idea!