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Howdy! :cowboy_hat_face: I’m not sure if there’s already a thread for this, but which appeals to you the most; limelight or ink?

Also: which would fit best (in your opinion) for the following genres: fantasy, action, mystery, & crime?

I prefer ink due to the silly animations, but limelight ultimately has more options to choose from! D:



Limelight is also very popular! They have updates every week! They are really good for mystery and fantasy because they have the clothes for it! Limelight has TONS of options for you!


Ink is very popular and many people are still in love with Ink to this day, they have really good animations. But it’s hard to add diversity with only 9 colors. Plus they don’t have lots of stuff. Mystery and crime are good for it but idk about fantasy.


I appreciate the feedback! Hearing that makes me want to make my unpublished story limelight. The only thing that was holding me back to ink were the animations, but like you’ve said they update every week so maybe they’d create more. :blush:


I prefer Limelight because of the skin tones, the hair, the clothes, and also it’s a little more detailed and I personally prefer how it looks. But lots of people also prefer INK, so if you’re looking to write a story, choose whichever one you like, because if you choose the more popular style but don’t like it yourself, you might not want to finish the story as much :two_hearts:

It always depend on the genres for me. Like; I’d choose INK for comedy specific

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