Style Voting And discussion


What style do you prefer?
Episode Limelight
Episode Ink
Episode Classic

Voting will not be counted if the post us made on June 24 or later.
June 19- 13 people voted for Ink, 6 people voted for Limelight (I think…) and 1 person voted for Classic
June 20-


I, personally slightly prefer ink over limelight. IMO, I don’t like classic. Of course it’s nostalgic and all, but it just doesn’t hold a candle to the others in terms of animation, behaviors, clothin, etc.

Though, I really like limelight’s realism and how many more diverse character features there are, the whole update felt rushed to me. Limelight was pretty obviously still in beta when they released it to the public, and that came with a lot of glitches and bugs with the style. For example, when limelight was released I remember getting this bug, that would happen on nearly every limelight story I read. If I exited the app in the middle of an episode, and then logged back in to continue the episode, the characters would either be invisible or have their face missing (pretty horrifying, tbh)

Also, when Pretty Little Liars was released, I thought the new style looked so cool! I thought that you would be able to make your characters (specifically male characters) look more diverse. With beards, and new facial features. For example, the MC’s dad had this sort of butt-chin (I’m sorry, I don’t know what else to call it :joy:) — and I think the love interest (other than Bryan) had a beard. Nothing huge, but he had a bit of a beard. Unfortunately, when the style was released, none of these features even existed. The only features in PLL that I didn’t think we’re going to get released, were the features that the original group had (Spencer, Hannah, Aria, Ali, etc) — so a lot of my expectations for the limelight style didn’t come through, which probably has a factor on why I didn’t enjoy using the style as much.

Also, side note: I found it really odd how if you use a default command in your limelight script such as:

@ FEMALE stands screen left AND FEMALE faces right AND MALE stands screen right AND MALE faces left

The male character would be unnaturally shorter than the female. And it’s not that I think females can’t be taller than men, sometimes that is the case — but the male is so much shorter (in default spots such as “screen right”) that it almost looks like the male is supposed to be a child? I tried looking a bit deeper into this, and it turns out that it’s not just the height that makes it look so odd — but the male’s head is a lot smaller than the females head. And it’s not even because of the females hair — the male just had a generally smaller head, and a shorter posture than the female. This is just nitpicking, really — but I found it quite distracting when reading a bit of limelight stories.

Overall, I’m just much more experienced with ink than limelight, so that may be a factor in why I like ink better? It’s easier to use for me — it’s more familiar. But, I do prefer the ink style more than limelight, slightly — and even so, I plan to do stories in limelight in the future.


This is such a pain. But also, when a female character is rear, she “pops” down. Directing mirror scenes is also a pain lol. So I think the height discrepancy has something to do with the female character when she faces forwards. I guess it’s a glitch but I’m worried that if Episode fix it, I’m going to have to go back and redirect everything :upside_down_face:


I definitely prefer INK!! :blush::joy:


Same :slight_smile:


Ink,all day ,errday


Ink all the way :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Honestly, for me it’s hard to choose. While I like Ink and it was the first style I was introduced into Episode with it, I also really like Limelight. They both have their ups and downs. And for Classic, while I dont really like it I respect it. I just don’t see it often, but if I did I probably would get used to it and maybe even like it.
Sorry if this wasn’t too helpful for the topic.


OMG yes, I really loved the PLL style.


What’s the P in LL?


Pretty Little Liars, the story


I prefer Limelight because it looks so pretty and flawless! It also looks much more realistic. But my biggest problem with LL is how basic the clothing is. I know it’s relatively new, but I’m desperate for a wider varieties of clothing as well as hairstyles!
I still like INK though, especially when it comes to the clothing aspect.
As for Classic, I’m really sorry but IN MY OPINION (don’t kill me) it looks ugly. Because of that, I haven’t even bothered trying it.


Hahaha ikr the classic version is really bad :sweat_smile:


I like Classic the best because I like how the girls looks and like their hairstyle. Classic will always be my favorite :slight_smile:


I still feel Ink has an edge over LL but I feel like they are trying to phase out ink like Classic. I’m not into the Classic style. It’s not bad, but I am just not into it. And with LL, I feel like the guys look too young. When I see writers try to make them look young, it just looks kind of like a young guy with white hair.


Only INK!
I love LL clothes and hairstyles, but I really don’t like their animations :joy:


LL generally has better clothing and hairstyles but I don’t like the looks of the guys. I haven’t compared the animations. How would you say that Ink animations are better than LL for someone who hasn’t used LL yet?


I like both Ink and Limelight. Though, I prefer Ink. There’s not a lot of talking animations in Limelight, and that’s a problem for my new story, considering it’s a revenge/drama story.


I can say that because I read some stories in LL and I can see that I don’t like their animation :blush:


Oh ok. To clarify, I meant what are the animations you don’t like?