STYLES: 3 styles in our stories

Dear episode team,

I was using all style stories for years.

And have no issues.

The styles in the story works as if it was created in there own style as in, THE functions that were made for the ink style only work for ink, THE functions that were made for the limelight style only work for limelight, THE functions that were made for the classic style only work for classic.

It was like this for years. :confused:

It is a glitch that functions, basically. C:

From Trying_To_Help on episode.

@Cass @Ryan @Trinady @Jeremy @Triscacat

i think the function’s of the styles were always suppose to work for just the style they were made for.

multiple style stories are glitches & not meant to be created.

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I know I said that bc it works like that even when you have all of them in on story.

What’s an all style story?
Sounds interesting…

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