Styles: the good and the bad

I’m going to discuss the good and bad thing about the three styles. I’d like to hear from you too.
Now I’m not criticising any styles, I’m just saying what is great and what they could improve. So, don’t take it personally if I criticise your style.

The good:
The clothing options.
Bright colours.
Some characters can look quite good.

The bad:
Some characters can look quite ugly (particularly males).
Some have pink faces.
Walk like they’re robots.
Eyes look wrong.

The good:
Nice colours.
Characters walk fluidly.
Pleasant to look it.
Fairly good clothing choices.

The bad:
Lack of facial changes for males.
Underwear. Bikinis look like diapers, bra and underwear don’t match.
Serious lack of food options.
Can’t walk angry.
Way more behaviours for male then female.

The good:
Underwear looks like underwear.
More realism (if that’s what you want.)
More character behaviours.

The bad:
Characters look too much like mannequins.
Eyes close too much when not wide open and gives them a smug look.
Mouths too small. Adds to the overall mannequin look of them.
Dull colours.
Only long hair men can have is dreadlocks.