Sub plots and how to keep the story flowing

I’ve restarted my story so many times because the ideas come up cheesy or don’t make sense ect.

I was wondering how fo you keep a story going without dragging it out too much? Also what about sub plots? Do you like them or hate them?

I don’t want there to be a massive sub plot as I feel my story line is a little complicated and requires some concentration.

What fo you guys think?

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Just noticed my title was wrong ha ha ha changed it now

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So, what I found to be a great way to help with the pacing of the story is to add sub plots. So, normally with my subplots they give you an insight into non-main characters’ backstories to give them more texture and personality along with helping the reader understand main characters through interactions they may have with the characters.

The thing with subplots are you can pull them off if you intertwine them with the main part of the story/main premise of the story - personally, I am a sucker for sub plots because it helps pace the story out. My story is more of a slow burn romance so the pacing will be a bit slow anyway so to help add more information/entertainment I add subplots to make things a bit more interesting.

I recommend making a diagram/flow chart and have a rough idea of a beginning, middle and end. Is there a conflict? How will the protagonist overcome issues? In the end, will the aim be achieved or will it be open ended?

Hope I helped!

Thanks I find it hard to start it. seriously it always seems so cheesy :joy::joy:.

I’ve got my ideas written such as the main plot, characters, clues (it’s a mystery.) how the criminal is found out. It’s more trying to fill it in to bulk it up.

I’ve never thought about try a flow chart thats a great idea! Thanks

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