Subplots for each episode?

okay so i have a story idea and i have the actual main plot of it (3 girls complete opposites have to work together for a big assignment and end up becoming best friends whilst doing it blah blah etc )

but i need some more small subplots for each episode examples:

  • the mean girl gives the nerd a makeover to impress someone she meets.

  • they try to parent trap the nerd and athletes parents.

  • mean girl moves in with the nerd

so uno i just need some more subplots


Hello! Here are some ideas:

  • The three of them are crushing on the same guy and have a small fight to then realize their friendship is stronger than any guy.
  • One of them has problems with money and the other two decide to work together on something to get money for their friend.
  • Somehow their assignment gets copied by another student and they have to discover how they found out about it.
  • They fight because one of them is taking the assignment too seriously and the other two aren’t.
  • The smartest one out of the three gets grounded so the other two have work together and have difficulties bc she was the one doing almost all the work.

I hope this helps!

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I love your story idea! :star_struck::two_hearts:

It kinda depends if u want male or female LI or both, or none.

I know this sounds kinda cliche but the mean girl could end up fall for the nerd, one way or the other.
Again, it depends on what u think the character’s sexuality would be.

I don’t think I’m helping, sorry!

I guess if the mean girl & the nerd got together, and the others found out, that could break the group up for about 1.5 episodes or idk. I guess they wanted to keep the friend group just a friend group & no romance.

I kind of have a lot of ideas now, I feel like I could go on all day! :rofl:

Ik my idea is bad but there could be something like that idk lol

If want a co-writer for this story, I’m in lol :joy:

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i did thank you would you like to be credit you if i use any of these? x

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thank you! i do like that idea as i was planning on the mean girl to be pan sexual so perhaps she could fall for one of the other two?

i’m just currently in the planning stage but i might pm you at a later date if i need help with anything. obviously if you are free and up to it :heart:x

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Pm anytime! :blush::two_hearts:

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Don’t worry! You don’t have to give me credit, I’m glad to help :))

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