Subscriptions help?


I’m new, and was wondering if there was an option for monthly subscriptions or 30 day passes and If i’m just missing it searching in the app? I’m from the UK if that helps. Thank you!


no there is not

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I wish I could get a monthly subscription for unlimited passes. I’m sad that mine finished the other day :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

So is there a monthly pass then? :open_mouth:

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I don’t know if all devices have it (?) but there is the option to buy 30 days unlimited passes (and ad free).

Also- I believe a while back some users (most from the UK? Someone correct me if I’m wrong lol) were given the ability to trial a subscription? But I’m not sure what happened with that and if it’s still going.

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Well it won’t take out £9.99 out of your debit card every month. But you can purchase a 30 day unlimited pass.

Ooh thank you! Do you know how I purchase this?

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Easy, all you gotta do is press the pass button where they got that + sign and then you will find an option saying “unlimited 30 day pass for £9.99” press that and then confirm your payment. That’s what I did.

Just to warn you, after that is finished, you will end up with lots of passes after it expires :joy:

Huh that’s weird as I don’t have that!

Is there an option i’m missing will I need to contact support or have I not set up an account correctly? image|230x499

For real? I’m from the UK too and I managed to get the unlimited passes.

Do you have a screenshot?

But You gotta set up an account for it

I’ve just replied with one, I can’t seem to find the option which is why I was confused! Not sure why mine is missing it!!

Ah i don’t have that option. do you think if i tried from a different device it would work? or do you think it’s account specific?

It’s usually right at the very bottom if you scroll down. But I know there have been times where it hasn’t been available for me.

Ah :frowning: Maybe I’ll contact support then to see if they can help me? thank you for your help!